One could define ice cream as God's gift to the world. Whether you're straight up depressed or in a great mood, ice cream is always there for you. Cone or cup? Dipped? These are all genuine questions that need to be addressed. We talked to Gianna Turek, who runs her own Instagram and blog, and discussed these important dilemmas. 

Turek is a junior at the University of Arizona and a self-proclaimed "dipped cone enthusiast." She originally wanted to take a picture with a dipped cone in all 50 states; however, she decided she wanted other people to "get dipped" together and rejoice through the love of ice cream. Turek then created her blog to document stories where she has gotten "dipped" and discuss ice cream related topics, such as cone or cup. 

The Dilemma

In her latest blog post, she takes on two opposing sides: pro cone and pro cup. "The wafer waffle cone is pretty tasty; have you ever had a wafer cookie?" Turek asks. "It is like having two desserts for the price of one." She claims the wafer cone adds a whole new flavor to the ice cream itself. Clearly being pro cone, she also explains that cones are better for the environment. "There is no trash involved (aka the cup) when you finish the ice cream." The only pro cup she could come up with was that it saves the ice cream lover from making a mess. 

Where do I get a dipped cone?

So you want a dipped cone? There are so many places to choose from, but no worries, Turek has got you covered. She enjoys getting dipped cones at McDonalds, as they are "oober cheap." Yes, I know what you're thinking, why McDonalds? Come on people, we don't discriminate against our beloved cones. She also reccomends Dairy Queen, as they have many options to choose from. 

What are you waiting for? Get out there and purchase a delicious dipped cone! Be sure to follow Turek through her journey of ice cream.