Coming from an extreme-foodie family, I have always found pleasure in seeking out the best places in town to eat (and take pictures, of course). After moving to London from the US, I frequently spent my weekends taking the tube into the city with my friends and family and trying out some of London's most celebrated food markets and restaurants. After four years of this, I've compiled a list of markets to get some of the best food in London.

I visited London again recently and when I brought my friends around the city, we were able to check off these iconic London food destinations in only 2 days — and so can you!

1. Borough Street Market

Veronique Lalley

Ah, the one and only. I remember visiting Borough Market for the first time and feeling genuine food-euphoria. It's known as Britain's most renowned food market. If you're a foodie in London, this is the place to be. The food stands are endless, and during Christmas time, festive lights and tinsel fill the space. Borough Market is just across the road from the London Bridge Tube Station. You name it, Borough Market has it; from oysters to champagne to jumbo brownies.

My personal favorite is the chorizo, halloumi, and arugula salad from Cafe Brood, a stand with outdoor seating that offers various gourmet foods. While I love trying new things at Borough Market, Cafe Brood never fails me. The work staff are the nicest people you'll ever meet, and the food is even better than it looks.

2. Camden Market

Veronique Lalley

Camden Market is home to over 1,000 shops, stalls, bars, and cafes, and it has some of the best food in London. When visiting, you'll be faced with cult cafes, street food, fresh-baked goods, terrace bars, and more. Like Borough Market, Camden Market has such an insane variety of food to choose from, it's likely that you will leave having had a completely different meal to your friends. You can get directly to Camden Market via the Tube, arriving at either Camden Town or Chalk Farm Road. When visiting, I tend to always go for Mediterranean food (I think I might need to branch out a little bit...).

One iconic Camden Market must-do is the Insta-famous Cereal Killer Cafe. Yes, you read that right: cereal. The Cereal Cafe at Camden Market is the world's first international cereal cafe, and it is my friend Dagny's favorite spot at the market. From Pumpkin Spice Cheerios to Cinnamon Toast Crunch with marshmallow toppings, your cereal dreams begin at the Cereal Cafe — only Camden Market would be home to such a food concept.

3. Brick Lane Market

Veronique Lalley

Brick Lane Market is very much known among Londoners as a "trendy" spot to pick up some of the best food in London. It's a fashionable food market located in Shoreditch, my all-time favorite spot in London. You can get to Brick Lane Market by Tube — it's just a six minute walk from Aldgate East. The best time to visit Brick Lane is on the weekend, when a mass of stalls, sellers and hidden markets inhabit the lane. Brick Lane Market is similar to Camden Market as it offers more than just food, from trendy clothing to weird unique knick-knacks.

As expected, Brick Lane Market offers an insanely large variety of food, from star-quality Thai green curry to mouth-watering gourmet cheeseburgers. So yes, do your exploring and try as many kind of dishes as you can, but make sure to save room for some insane Indian food because you're at the best place in London to devour some amazing curry. My personal favorite is the Thai green-curry, delicious enough for me to branch out from Mediterranean fare, with the added bonus of pairing pretty well with a good Instagram filter.

4. Spitalfields Market

Veronique Lalley

While Spitalfields is not a market exclusively for food (you can find fun graphic tees, clocks made out of old records, and more), you're certain to find some of the best food stalls in London here. Spitalfields is known as the market "where art and craft meets fashion and food". This is East London's top spot for finding the best fine dining, family-friendly restaurants and trendy cafes. Among Londoners, Spitalfields is famously known as the only place in the city to acquire authentic Philly Cheesesteak through The Liberty Cheesesteak Company. If you're a particular fan of duck, make sure to venture to The Duck Truck, the UK's first duck-only restaurant. For dessert, satisfy your cravings at Crosstown Doughnuts, home to some of the best handmade doughnuts in L-Town. 

Veronique Lalley

While organizing a short trip can be incredibly stressful, these food destinations are must-dos when spending time in London. So grab your friends, purchase an Oyster Card, and get ready for some major foodgasms.