Welcome to Reel Round-Up, a weekly column where Kennedy Dierks highlights the top Instagram Reels creators.

Professional chefs, food bloggers, and home cooks alike have all found a home with Instagram Reels and the Reels Explore page, which provides a new(ish) tool to showcase their culinary skill and interact with followers on a more intimate level. Content creators have jumped on the many trends, kitchen hacks, and foodie must-haves that social media has to offer, and continue to use Instagram as a “home base” to share photos AND videos while growing their community thanks to the Instagram Explore page.

Here are eight Instagrammers whose Reels left me longing for a vacation (and ALL of the travel eats) this week:

1. @befatbehappy

Based in New York City, Caitlin preaches the importance of counting memories over calories, and recognizes that a meal can feed both body and soul. Caitlin’s Reels will have you dreaming of the concrete jungle’s food scene with her thorough restaurant recs and ratings, a food crawl featuring must-try NYC spots, and meal spotlights that will leave you salivating.

2. @diningbykelly

Kelly is a private chef and recipe developer who uses Reels to showcase her kitchen creations, from simple meal prep to delicious dinners to classic baked goods. Wagyu Steak Frites with Chimichurri? Yes, please.

3. @elburritomonster

Classic chicken, Birria Beef, and Jamaican Jerk chicken, oh my! If it’s wrapped in a tortilla, Oli’s got it covered -- he even puts his own spin on British classics, as well as Mexican and Indian fusion cuisine.

4. @changs.garden

As a chow mein junkie, I was thrilled to stumble across the Chang’s Garden Instagram, which features the California restaurant’s delicious dishes. Their behind-the-scenes takes of classics like Kung Pao Chicken, Chow Mein, Szechuan Cauliflower, and Moo Shoo Pork wraps will have you dialing up your local Chinese restaurant for takeout.

5. @just_what_the_doc_ordered

You know what they say...a cheese pull a day keeps the doctor away. Well, maybe not, but at least this prescription includes lobster mac & cheese, arepas, and pancake stacks

6. @doobydobap

Born in Seoul, Tina’s Reels capture recipes and Americanized recreations of her favorite dishes from home. Tina admits that her recipes — which include jjajangmyun (savory sauce-y noodles) and dakgalbi (spicy marinated chicken) — may not be "the most traditional, or even authentic — but [they are] the most authentic representation” of her experience as a Korean-born teenager in America.

7. @loveclevercookie

Wondering what the heck Cookie Toast is? Look no further than British baking company Clever Cookie. With deep dish cookies, chocolate caramel cookie pies, and stacked cookie sandwiches, Clever Cookie has the luxury baked goods you didn’t know you needed.

8. @pazapah

Based in Paris, Aure and Killian’s Reels are proof that food is universal, whether it be a fresh tomato tart, warm tikka masala, bright pasta salad, or classic lasagna. While their content is in French, Aure and Killian’s stunning videography showcases food with an appeal that surpasses any language barrier. 

I hope this list helps you find your foodie muse! Or, at the bare minimum, gives you more material to procrastinate with the rest of the week…Don’t worry, I’ll be right there with you, dreaming about the Katsu curry, pan fried noodles, and pancake stacks of the weekend.

Until next week!