It is that time of year again… however you celebrate, it’s likely to be somewhat chaotic and extremely busy. Instead of scrolling mindlessly through the Instagram account of your best friend’s cousin’s far-removed relative, put your screen time to something useful. Use Instagram for food inspo, instead! Follow these Instagram accounts for clean holiday recipes that even your picky aunt will love. It’s the holiday season… time to let the crazy unfold. 

1. Minimalist Baker

From soups to entrees to desserts, Minimalist Baker has you covered. They create masterpieces, with, you guessed it, minimal ingredients – but also quality ingredients, so you know you’re nourishing your body correctly. From date caramel to butternut squash soup to apple cider doughnuts, Minimalist Baker is one of the top Instagram accounts for clean holiday recipes. 

2. Mariah's Food Feed

If you like cosmic brownies, pumpkin cookies or apple pie crumble, then you are in the right place. Mariah’s Food Feed is an excellent account for easy + nutritious dessert recipes that also taste delicious!

3. She's Plant Based

For your more typical holiday food, She’s Plant Based is the destination. Autumn, the founder of this account, has even started selling her baked goods due to such high demand! Scroll through Autumn’s Instagram account for some clean holiday recipes that will satisfy your craving for warm and cozy foods. Her Thanksgiving recipes are up now - go check them out!

4. Dada Eats

Dada Eats is the ultimate account for gooey, fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth goodness. Her Chocolate Tahini Cake was even featured on The Today Show! If chocolate isn’t your thing, try her salted peanut butter freezer fudge or apple pie cheesecake. You (or whoever you are cooking for) will be happy you did.

These Instagram accounts for clean holiday recipes are perfect for anyone trying to stay on track during the holidays. Also, if you have friends or family members with food intolerances such as dairy or gluten, they will be so grateful for these filling and delicious treats and dishes. And yes, we get it - the holidays can be crazy busy (not to mention stressful). These recipes are more than feasible! But for some extra guidance with the holiday whirlwind, read this article. Happy holidays and don't forget to ENJOY!