Photo by @topwithcinnamon

1. @topwithcinnamon

This 18-year-old from London specializes in decadent baking delights and breakfast treats. Her talent for food photography rivals the recipes themselves —her Instagrams are fresh, colorful and full of aesthetic deliciousness.

2. @food52

“How you eat is how you live” is @food52’s mantra, and their Instagram will inspire you to take on this motto as well. One of my favorite websites for all things food-related, @food52 never ceases to surprise with eclectic recipes, cookbook recommendations and culinary tips.


Photo by @idafrosk

3. @idafrosk

Food or art? Ida Skivenes has masterfully combined the two to make one of the most unique, delectable and stunning Instagrams out there. You see mozzarella? Ida sees an edible snowman waiting to be assembled. Fruit salad? Nope —that’s a pear peacock with intricate fruity feathers. Give this account a follow to find out what it really means to play with your food.


Photo by @carolinecrack

4. @carolineoncrack

You’ll become “drunk in love” with this Instagram —but unfortunately that’s the only comparison @carolineoncrack has with Beyoncé. Blogger and cocktail-enthusiast, Caroline will open your eyes to a world beyond Bankers and Franzia through her alcoholic adventures in LA. Follow her for a boozy boost to your news feed!

5. @spoonforkbacon

Two best friends, one a food stylist and the other a photographer, decided to team up to create the blog Spoon Fork Bacon. Their Instagram features perfectly plated pictures of their original recipes, all which can be found online. Covering everything from hot crab dip and polenta fries to powdered sugar-dusted beignets and blood orange mimosas, @spoonforkbacon will inspire you to grab your bestie and get in on their flavorful fun.


Photo by @stayhungree

6. @stayhungree

Fellow Penn student, Spoon editor-in-chief and self-proclaimed “food nerd,” Amanda Shulman’s Instagram, @stayhungree, will leave your mouth watering and your tummy rumbling. Through pics of her culinary concoctions and edible escapades, Amanda will convince you that munchies can really be magical.


Photo by @cooksmarts

7. @cooksmarts

For all our healthy eaters out there, @cooksmarts is the IG for you. Featuring different meal plans that include gluten free, vegetarian and paleo options, their handle doesn’t lie —this Instagram will inspire you to cook smarter and healthier with their veggie-heavy recipes that even the pickiest of eaters will appreciate.


Photo by @andrewoknowlton

8. @andrewoknowlton

Andrew Knowlton, restaurant editor for Bon Appétit magazine, most often posts photos of his scrumptious masterpieces and adorable kids. He also entertains with his witty captions and unique Norwegian flair. But the reason I love this Instagram so much is because he once shared his secret for making the perfect bacon. He claimed it would be life-changing, and he wasn’t lying. Seriously guys, you don’t want to miss out on this one.


Photo by @ohladycakes

9. @ohladycakes

Ashlae, the woman behind @ohladycakes, seems to have mastered the seemingly impossible art of vegan baking. The beautiful photos of her creations —which include bite-size blackberry jam pies, chocolate espresso bundlette cakes and raw salted caramel banana cream pie jars— will have you convinced that eggs and dairy aren’t always necessary.


Photo by @jamieoliver

10. @jamieoliver

Famous British chef Jamie Oliver’s Instagram is consistent–he posts a “Recipe of the Day” each day, mixes things up with #meatfreemondays for his vegetarian followers and also loves to play around with Flipagram. My favorite part about his predictability, however, is that he often post pictures of himself as well —and he sure is yummy to look at. Following Jamie is a surefire way to get your daily dose of eye candy of both the male and the food variety.