Sometimes it's hard to find dinner inspiration instead of calling for take-out. Plus sometimes you just need something to look at during your Accounting class and you're starving. So, grab your phone, open Instagram and start planning your dinner party with these drool-worthy food Instagram accounts! 

1) Visually Tasty

If you need some inspiration to bake something wonderful or need something visually calming, look no further than this Instagram account, which focuses entirely on aesthetically pleasing dishes from different sources.

2) Rosannapansino

It shouldn't come to a surprise that the baking guru herself would be featured on this list. Not only are her pictures visually satisfying, the ideas are quite unique (motherboard cake anyone?) and the recipes are usually included in gif form to make it easy to follow. Check out her blog and prepare to fall into a binge-watching session.

3) Buzzfeed Tasty

Probably the most viewed Instagram account for foodies would have to be Buzzfeed Tasty. Their videos are creative and short to make sure that you can't take your eyes off of them. The cinematography is motivating enough to get anyone to cook, plus the recipes are often simple enough that even your average Joe can pull them off. 

4) yolanda_gampp

Talk about baking inspiration! These cakes are a marvel to behold because not only are they original, but they are huge. Yolanda's videos let us see the creative process that goes into baking these delectable treats, and anyone can follow along for the relatively simple recipes. Just make sure you've got something on hand to wipe the drool off your face after just a few scrolls. 

5) Popsugarfood

Not only are these recipes visually stunning, but these recipes are easy to follow along with too! Whether you're looking for a healthy recipe to help get into shape or you want to indulge in some cookies, popsugar has the recipe for you.

6) Sally's Baking Blog

If you follow Sally's blog you know she has some amazing recipes to behold. This baking icon will inspire you to bake anything and everything to your heart's content. You'll never show up to a gathering empty-handed, plus you can never have too many desserts at a party.

8) idontdodiet

If you prefer savory over sweet, this account is definitely one to follow! The videos are great to follow along with and there are some great finger food recipes. Honey bbq chicken anyone?

Instagram is a great source for cooking motivation that range from healthy dinners to calorie galore dresserts. Log into your account and start following these awesome accounts!