Binghamton is slowly but surely becoming a better city for us food lovers. With the introduction of many new restaurants, Binghamton now has the capability to satisfy every one of your food cravings, except for one. What's been missing is a killer place to get warm, freshly-baked, delicious cookies, at any hour of the night, until now.

Founded at the University of Pennsylvania in 2003 by then college student Seth Berkowitz, Insomnia Cookies is finally coming to Binghamton! Insomnia Cookies is coming to University Plaza (4710 Vestal Parkway), right next to Ebisura Sushi, and plans to open during the week of November 1st!

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Erin Grady

We got in touch with Maggie Zelinka, the marketing manager of Insomnia Cookies, and received some exclusive details about the new location. 

Here's everything you need to know about the new Insomnia Cookies location: 

1. They will be offering all normal menu offerings which includes their amazing assortment of warm, fresh cookies (Chocolate Chunk, M&M, Snickerdoodle, and Double Chocolate Mint, to name a few), brownies, ice cream, cookie sandwiches, and cookie cakes with personalized messages. 

2. They are big on giving back to the community and will be offering fundraising opportunities for various organizations. You can get 5-10% of an entire day’s sales or have cookies donated to your next event!

3. They work long, hard hours to fulfill your cravings. The bakery will be open daily from 9AM-3AM and on weekends from 11AM 3AM. Delivery weekdays will run 10AM-3AM and weekends 12PM-3AM, accepting delivery orders until 2:45AM.

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Jessica Kelly

That's right, Insomnia Cookies will deliver to your door until 3 in the morning. Whether you need a late night pick me up, a study-break snack, or a gift for a friend, Insomnia Cookies will cover your every cookie need.

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Jessica Kelly

Whether you want to share with friends, or keep them all for yourself, Insomnia Cookies are perfect for your anytime snack desires without even having to leave your room!

#SpoonBingTip: They will offer a one free traditional cookie promotion in-store for only seven days after their grand opening, as well as, a delivery deal— 3 chocolate chunk cookies for $3!

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