On the Internet, you constantly see things about Starbucks, as it is one of America's most loved coffeehouse-chains. From spelling names wrong on purpose to the drinks that they hate to make, you can find everything speculated about online. However, one of my friends, a Starbucks Barista, gives us the inside scoop on what's true and false.

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Eileen Wang

1. Spelling Customer's Names

Contrary to public belief, baristas do not spell your name wrong for publicity. Generally speaking, they're way too busy to freak out over the correct spelling of a name. Additionally, the computers that they use are hard to type on, making it another factor that can add to the incorrect spelling.

2. Time

If your drink is taking a long time, you're not being ignored. They have tons of customers (not all in store), and it takes time to make drinks.

3. Worst Drinks

Frappuccinos are the WORST drink to make. There is so much that goes into making them and it's harder to multitask when making them. So, if you order a Frappuccino, it may take longer than say, an espresso. 

4. Say "Thank You"

It's not something that difficult to do, and doesn't take any time out of your day. Like any other worker, they are doing something for you so why not appreciate them? It's nice and can brighten their day, as well as make you a more memorable customer.

5. Wrong Drinks

If a Barista makes your drink incorrectly (maybe the wrong flavor, hot vs cold, etc.), don't yell at them. Explain what's wrong, and they'll make you a new one. While it can be frustrating to get the wrong drink, it's equally, if not more, frustrating for the barista to be yelled at for a mistake that they may not even be to blame for.

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Sam Jesner

6. Bring In Your Own Cup

If you bring in your own cup, it doesn't have to be Starbucks branded, and you can get $0.10 off of any drink. It might seem insignificant, but it adds up! Not only does it save you money every time you buy something, but it also helps the environment.

7. Download the App

If you have the app on your phone, you get a ton of freebies. Every year on your birthday you can get a free drink, you receive points every time you make a purchase (sometimes a ton depending on what you order), and you're eligible for free treats every once in a while. 

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