On January 20th, America will officially be inaugurating Donald Trump as the next President of the United States. According to CNN, Trump's speech is supposed to last about 20 minutes, but we all know that Trump tends to swerve off script. So in order for you to stay entertained during this event, I've created a fun Inauguration drinking game for you. Let's do this (please drink responsibly).

What You'll Need:

- Alcohol that's easy for you to chug and sip (beer, wine, or mixed drink) 

- Alcohol that you can easily take a shot of (if you're chugging a mixed drink, use the same type of alcohol)

Chug Your Drink:

- If Trump says "Make America Great Again"

- When you see people cheering or booing

- When THE WALL is mentioned

- If he mentions God

- If he says it was a nasty election 

Take a Shot:

- Trump says something exaggerated

- When the camera pans over to Melania's undoubtably fresh outfit

- If he mentions a plan, but gives no specifics

- If he speaks past 20 minutes* (one shot for every 5 minutes over)

- If he positively mentions a politician 

- If he mentions his corporation's “success”

- If (when) he shames the media

Take a Sip:

- When he uses his hands while speaking (good luck)

- When he references race or ethnicity 

- If he uses the word “bigly”

- When he says “great" or "best”

- If he mentions Paul Ryan (make it a double)

- If he mentions a successful family member

- If he mentions cabinet members

- When he says “believe me” (believe me, you're probably on the floor right now)

- If he mentions his lack of political experience 

Still Alive?