This past week, the Champaign-Urbana area has suffered a tragic loss. A beloved sandwich shop has closed its doors for good. Located next door to Kams, Silver Mine Subs has always been a helping hand to the drunk and hungry students at the University of Illinois. Open till 3 am, their sandwiches, wraps or “Silver” delivery service could always be counted on. The easy going character of the restaurant and their large pickles will be sincerely missed.

Silver Mine has been a part of the Illini experience for years and many good times have been had behind the doors of the cherished establishment. Their abrupt departure left students everywhere shocked and devastated with one question on their minds: What kind of sick joke is this? With the only answers found on a handwritten sign taped in the window, we are left with just our memories. Silver Mine was always able to satisfy it’s customers, whether it be Saturday morning block goers, Tequila Tuesday attendees or just hungry people looking for a sandwich.

Silver Mine may be gone from campus but it will forever live on in our hearts. Thank you, Silver Mine, for your continuous years of love and quality deli meats. We can only hope to see you resurrected on this campus in the near future. Long live Silver Mine.


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