Season six of Brooklyn Nine-Nine started airing January 10th and already there’s been a lot of action, laughs, and changes in just 6 episodes. Throughout the show's history, food has had a part in almost every episode from Boyle’s weekly pizza blasts and infamous food truck to Terry’s love for yogurt. So if you've ever wondered what food would represent your favorite character, the answer to your prayers are here with this ultimate guide through the unique foods and even more unique stars of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Jake: Powdered Doughnuts

Jake is one of the main characters of Brooklyn 99. He is goofy and a little immature, yet he's an amazing detective/genius. He has a known sweet tooth, which is why he perfectly matches powdered doughnuts. Like the powdery treat, his life can be a bit messy at times but he is always having a good time.

Amy: Pie

Amy is organized, responsible, intelligent, and just a little OCD. She's also extremely competitive and a bit of a teacher's pet, her personality matches pie, everyone loves pie and there's a flavor for everyone.

Rosa: Meat Supreme Pizza

Rosa is secretive, incredibly tough, and a total badass but although she tries to hide it she also has a soft side. This is why her personality is a meat supreme pizza, she has an edge and can be a bit intimidating but overall loved by many.

Charles: Takoyaki

Charles refers to himself as a textbook people pleaser, he's optimistic, but also dramatic. He's extremely loyal and would do anything for his friends. Boyle is also a total foodie, when it comes to food he is adventurous, serious, and critical, he is takoyaki. Takoyaki is a Japanese, battered, ball-shaped snacks filled with minced octopus, ginger and green onions. Similar to Boyle, it is an acquired taste. The dish is adventurous and often topped with a sweet sauce, matching Charles' kind personality.

Gina: Sloppy Jessica

A Sloppy Jessica is one of Brooklyn Nine-Nine's own foodie creations from the 2013 fall season of mac and cheese and chili pizza on a bun - and just like Gina's personality it's a lot, it's fun and it's bold. Although Gina has left Brooklyn Nine-Nine and will be missed, she still gets a food match. She has an enthusiastic, bold, and bubbly personality and has referred to herself as "the Paris of people." Gina can be a bit narcissistic at times but always gives us a good laugh by the end, making her the perfect match for this made up, wildly ridiculous creation of a dish.

Terry: Cantaloupe

Terry is known for being strong tough but he's also sensitive and known for being an amazing father and family man and he's always looking out for his detectives. His personality makes him a cantaloupe, on the outside Terry appears super strong and tough but on the inside he's soft and sweet.

Captain Holt: Yogurt

Captain Holt is always by the book and strict, he's hardworking and devoted. Holt is empathetic, always thinking about what's best for his employees.  Although he is usually serious he still has a great sense of humor and plays along with all of Jake's antics. Captain Holt is yogurt, although this is famously Terry's favorite food, it best matches Holt's personality. It's very plain, and sweet, but when fruit is added it can be a fun treat.

Hitchcock & Scully: Wings

Hitchcock and Scully are clearly the human forms of wings, they're messy, and can be a bit lazy at times but everyone still loves them. If you're looking to change up your snacking life, check out this craveable Waffle-Batter Chicken Wings recipe that's so good you won't wanna share. 

So next time you binge watch this action-packed comedy, grab some of these snacks, cuddle up with a blanket and get ready for a night filled with laughs and good food to go all around. And of course, "NINE-NINE!"