It’s only three weeks into the newest installment of the Bachelorette on ABC, but you know that you’re already emotionally invested. Just like we have our favorite cocktails, we already have our favorite bachelorette boys as well. This is what happens when those two worlds collide.

Alex: Whiskey on the Rocks

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There is nothing tougher than whiskey on the rocks. Alex is a U.S. marine and literally did push ups with JoJo on his back the first time they met. He has certainly earned his manly title.

Chase: A Hot Toddy

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After Chase and JoJo’s ~steamy~ make out session on the last episode, of course, Chase would be an equally steamy cocktail.

Evan: A Bloody Mary

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Does anyone want to place a bet on how many more nose bleeds Evan is going to get before he gets sent home? I could not allow Evan to be anything else other than a bloody mary.

James T.: Old Fashioned Whiskey

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James T. is your classic boy-next-door, old-fashioned gentleman. It is only fitting that his cocktail be an old fashioned whiskey.

Jordan: A Mimosa

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Jordan is clearly a commitment type of guy and wants JoJo for the long hall. Nothing says commitment like a brunch time mimosa (or twelve).

Luke: Bailey’s Hot Chocolate

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JoJo feels safe and comforted by Luke, especially after their woodland adventures this past week. When it comes to comforting cocktails, Bailey’s and hot chocolate team up as the dynamic duo.

Robby: A Rum and Coke

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We don’t know much about Robby yet, but there haven’t been any red flags either. Much like a rum and coke, Robby seems simple and it is safe to assume that he can’t be that bad.

Even if you don’t agree with all of these cocktail pairings, we can all agree on one thing — THANK GOD CHAD WENT HOME (well we think).