Baking cookies is one of my favorite things to do. Eating them is another. Cookies are amazing. Chocolate chip, sprinkle, peanut butter—if it's a cookie, I am going to love it. There really isn't anything not to love about them. Whether it is chewy and soft or crispy, cookies are the perfect dessert to satisfy any sweet tooth. So, when I came across Studmuffin Desserts, I knew I had to try their cookies. 

The Company 

After working on Wall Street for 15 years, owner of Studmuffin Desserts, Seth Raphaeli, knew he needed a change. Because he always loved baking (and eating) cookies, he knew exactly where to start. Seth founded Studmuffin Desserts in order to bring tiny cookies with huge flavor to the market.

The idea of creating small, miniature desserts comes from Seth's love for health and exercise. He's the first to know a bit of indulgence is necessary. The small desserts, when eaten in moderation, are no worse than any protein or granola bar.

In order to make his company stand out, Seth only makes his products with the highest quality ingredients sourced from Manhattan's West Village. His products are all natural, and because they are so small, each cookie is low in calories, so you don't have to feel so bad about indulging in just a few. 

The Products

Studmuffin doesn't just make cookies. They also make Space Cakes (their version of a Whoopie Pie) and peanut brittle. No matter what you try, you won't be disappointed. Here are a few of my favorite products.

Marie Antoinette Cookie Bites

These colorful cookies were literal bites of heaven. They were soft, and perfectly sweet. Each one was filled with sprinkles and so much birthday cake flavor. If you are going to try one thing from Studmuffin, this should be it.

Lemon Crisp Cookie Bites

If lemon is your thing, you will fall in love with these. There is the perfect amount of lemon flavor, so there cookies aren't too tart or too sweet. They are soft and almost melt in your mouth when you eat them. I had trouble not finishing all of these in one sitting. 

Gluten-Free Bleecker Street Brittle

Even if your not usually a fan of peanut brittle, you have to try this. This brittle was not the type to break your teeth. It was perfectly crisp with just the right amount of sweetness and nutty flavor. Bleecker Street Brittle is by far the best brittle I've ever had, and I would never have guessed that it was gluten free.

Other popular Studmuffin products include Key Lime Sublime Cookie Bites, Sinners and Saints (chocolate chip cookie bites), and Big Apple Cookie Bites. Each product is made with so much care, and you can taste it in each bite.

Where To Buy Studmuffin Products

If you want to find any of Studmuffin's products (don't do), find their website here. If you don't want to order online, you can also find their products at many retailers, such as Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale's, and Macy's. No matter which products you choose, you won't be disappointed.