Do you love cheese puffs but hate sticky, orange fingers? Are you a peanut butter addict? Then you’ll want to check out P-nuff Crunch, a healthy peanut puff created by Perfect Life Nutrition LLC, a startup company based out of New Jersey

What are They?

I discovered peanut puffs this year while attending the National Food and Nutrition Conference Expo hosted in Chicago, IL. If there is one thing nutrition majors love as much as kale, it’s peanut butter. So naturally, when my classmates and I saw that Perfect Life Nutrition LLC. was sampling healthy peanut flavored puffs we rushed to taste this new invention. We were not the least bit disappointed by the crunchy texture of these puffs paired with their sweet and salty flavor. Unlike cheese puffs, peanut puffs are acceptable to serve as snacks at even your classiest of parties and are great conversation starters. Your foodie friends will be impressed by their unique taste and ingredients and the health nuts in your life will appreciate having a low-fat alternative to potato chips.

Healthier Alternative to Chips

While many chips or cheese puffs are made with oils high in saturated fat, these healthy peanut puffs are baked with mono and poly-unsaturated peanut oil. Not to mention, P-nuff Crunch claims these puffs have 40% less total fat than the leading cheese puff snacks. Peanut oil isn’t the oil ingredient unique to this product. P-nuff Crunch are also made with navy beans and brown rice, making this delicious snack a complete protein. At 130 calories per serving, P-nuffs are a snack I, as a nutrition major, would eagerly serve at my upcoming Superbowl party.

Where can I Buy Them? 

Since Perfect Life Nutrition LLC. is a relatively new company, P-nuff Crunch is only available for purchase through or in stores on the east coast. At $1.99 per 1 oz bag or $4.29 per 4 oz bag, P-nuff Crunch are a little more pricey than the regular cheese puff. However, considering that these puffs provide a complete source of protein, they might be worth the occasional splurge.

Healthy, delicious, and trendy, P-nuff Crunch is a food you’ll want to keep your eye out for in supermarkets near you.