So I am the kind of person who is not too fond of Monsoon. Contrary to popular culture representation ( I am mainly referring to Bollywood and rom coms) of rain, as this beautiful time to frolic in the streets and feel the rain on your face (ugh), I see it as a sticky menace that makes life inconveineint for me and my street dog buddies. 

But, there is an aspect of rain I adore. I think you saw this coming from miles away but yes, I love the clichéd Monsoon food. The piping hot tea and sizzling pakora's turn my usual digust for the rains right around, because A)I am eating and B) Life just seems right when you have a hot pakora in hand and tea in another while you watch the clouds as the water drizzles down. 

If you too adore Monsoon food and the rains, then Chaayos' Monsoon menu is for you. I am usually a bit suspicious of themed menus but the new introductions that Chaayos has made to celebrate this monsoon are so on point, you gotta go try them. Here are some of my favorite monsoon-y dishes from there!

1. Pakoras - Obviously

chicken, lime
Devika -

The assorted plate of hot Pakoras with the chunky masala tastes good with cold Chaayos lemonade and even better with their Shahi Chaai!

2. Shahi Chai

cream, coffee, milk
Devika -

I adore this Chai. I have this fetish for chai in kulladh (earthen wares) and this sweet, thickened chai with a dash of saffron and chopped almonds as garnishing is the stuff, chai lover's dreams are made of. 

3. Bun Samosa

bread, sweet, chocolate
Kartik Sharma

Spicy Samosa with buttery bun and sour green chutney? Sign me up!

4. Paneer Loaded Open Parantha

pizza, sauce, chicken
Kartik Sharma

Buttery crunchy and thin layers that make one humongous parantha covered with rich paneer gravy and cheese. I found this to be good enough for two. If there is one thing I love about Chaayos, its their portion sizes. 

5. Jalebi

Kartik Sharma

I ADORE JALEBIS, NO MATTER WHAT, THE SEASON. But the reason why I loved Chaayos Jalebi and why you must try it is because it's thin, crispy and has just the right amount of chashni (the sweet sticky liquid it is dipped in). Most Jalebis tend to be doused in Chashni hence making it excessively sweet, soggy and runing the taste, but, Chaayos Jalebi is definitely an exception. 

I have been asked by a lot of people for places they can spend rainy days at while enjoying friends, food, and the rain. Chaayos offers one such alternative and their Monsoon menu is available at all their outlets. They are also affordable as compared to other swanky over priced places and their preparation method quite hygienic in a season where food infection is something to be wary of. So happy rains and enjoy your chai-pakodas.