We all know about the infamous meat dress that Lady Gaga showed up wearing to the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards. Although not many celebrities have worn food since then, sometimes their awards show dresses resemble candy, desserts, or even pasta. With the Oscars over and more shows coming up soon, there are plenty of dresses that remind us (maybe a little too much) of food. 

Anya Taylor-Joy: Wedding Cake 

This dress is truly fabulous, but the shape would remind anyone of a classic three-tiered wedding cake. The red detail on every layer looks like it was piped on, creating the perfect wedding look. 

Kat Graham: A Candy Cane

This actress' dress even curves like a candy cane. Check out this delicious candy cane dipped Oreo recipe that will remind you of this fun outfit. 

Emma Stone: Angel Hair Pasta

The bottom of that dress looks just like some fresh made pasta hanging on a rack. It's beautiful, and almost good enough to eat. 

Paris Jackson: Sour Rainbow Belts

Out of all the awards show dresses, this one looks the most like two strips of that classic sour rainbow belt. Paris even shows off some sparkle, similar to how the sour sugar sparkles on the candy. 

Lady Gaga: Sea Urchin

I'm pretty sure they might have used actual sea urchin to make that top because the similarity is shocking. Gaga definitely channeled her inner sea monster to replicate this strange food. 

Maisie Williams: a Banana

Not only does this dress have the same color as a ripe banana, but it also shows the shape of the banana, with this straight dress that slightly curves at the bottom. 

Maddie Ziegler: Candy Buttons

You know the fun candy you used to peel off paper when you were little to and eat your heart out with pure sugary delight? This top is the grown up version; Maddie could almost peel that candy off her top as a sweet treat throughout the show. 

Natalie Portman: A Marshmallow

What's big, fluffy, and has just a slight golden tint to it? Answer: a marshmallow. This dress has all the characteristics of the chewy dessert, too (minus the taste). 

Naomi Harris: Hershey's Hugs Candy 

The white-chocolate Hershey's Kiss with a swirl of milk chocolate is perfectly exemplified in this outfit. Her top even curves like the top of the Hug! 

Felicity Jones: Bubble Gum

The shoulder piece on Felicity's dress looks like an unwrapped piece of gum. The light pink color also gives a nod to the classic shade of bubblegum.

These awards show dresses look like some truly delicious food. Whether a candy or savory pasta, these celebrities sure brought the food to the party and made themselves stars of the shows.