The royal family is one of my random obsessions. Kate Middleton is basically the closest thing we have to a real Disney princess, making this a shameless admiration. With Prince Harry bringing an American into the family, I am swooning over rumored wedding details. The only thing that I love more than the Buckingham clan, is ice cream. With that being said, I needed to find a way to relate to the royals and what's a better way than Ben & Jerry's flavors. 

Queen Elizabeth: Keep Carmel & Cookie On

Queen Elizabeth is a classic lady. She rules with elegance and grace. The saying  "Keep Calm and Carry On"  is the epitome of her reign. Not to mention, Ben & Jerry's Keep Carmel & Cookie On is full of shortbread cookies. A treat perfect with the Queen's spot of tea. 

Prince Phillip: Vanilla

Prince Phillip is a classic. Although he is getting as old as Vanilla, he was pretty popular in his prime. 

Prince Charles: Pistachio Pistachio

Pistachio Pistachio is that flavor that no one ever really thinks of. Sadly, that sums up Prince Charles. Charles, just like Ben & Jerry's pistachio flavor is always being slightly roasted. He is also pretty nutty to have ever have left the late Princess Diana. 

Prince William: Brewed to Matter

Prince William was and is the golden child. Like Ben & Jerry's Brewed to Matter, he was raised to take the crown as the honorable first born. And with his new title of dad, the caffeine boost in this flavor is a necessity.

Prince Harry: Dairy-Free Coconut Seven Layer Bar

Harry has always had many layers a lot like Ben & Jerry's Dairy- Free Coconut Seven Layer Bar flavor. He is most known for his wild days of drinking cocktails. I'm sure he siped a few served in a coconut at some point during his glory days. That being said, Harry also does tons of service for his country and family. His latest layer is him finally settling down with his recent engagement. Not to mention the dairy-free aspect, due to his obedient health diet avoiding dairy.  

Kate Middleton: Everything But The...

Kate Middleton is goals. From her hair to her fashion, to her parenting. She has got it all. She is classy and well-loved across the World. Some might say she is Everything But The...

Little George & Charlotte: Milk & Cookies

These adorable royal nuggets are the cherry on top of the royal fam. Like Milk & Cookies, they are the inseparable adolescent duo.

Meghan Markle: Americone Dream

Meghan is living the Americone Dream. With her job as an actress and now having Harry on her side. Her wedding will be sure to steal the hearts and Pinterest boards of nearly every American girl watching. 

Every family is full of flavors. The royal family, of course, is no exception. In the vast variety of flavors that Ben & Jerry have to offer, there is one thing you all must be thinking. What flavor are you?! Are you a Kate Middleton or a Harry? Or are you the perfect missing flavor from the royal fam? Who knows... you could be the next Meghan Markle. Find out which flavor you are using this Ben & Jerry's Quiz!  

@Ben & Jerry's I am just putting it out there but, this upcoming royal wedding seems like the perfect occasion to crown a new flavor. Perhaps, "England's Rose" in honor of Diana or even better, "Royal Wedding Cake". The only thing Americans love more than ice cream is fangirling over royal weddings. So in the words of the British, "LET THEM EAT ICE CREAM"... or something like that.