We might be living on an island, but the Manhattan neighborhoods are about as diverse as it gets. From hipster hotspots to CEO headquarters, we took a few of the best known neighborhoods in Manhattan and put our own spin on them in the only way we know how.

Upper West Side: A Loaded Bagel With Lox


Photo by Sara Tane

The Upper West Side is one of many predominantly Jewish neighborhoods in Manhattan, but that’s not all that’s going on up at the top of Broadway. With young business men and women and wealthy working families, the Upper West Side is like a youthful, stylish (and expensive) twist on this classic bagel sandwich.

Upper East Side: La Bête Noir


Photo by Helena Lin

While the Upper East Side is known for being rich, extravagant, and trendy, it’s actually the less ritzy (but still too expensive) home of the older generation of uptown New Yorkers. Just like a piece of fancy-ass chocolate cake, this neighborhood is a classic slice of decadence pretending to be more snazzy than it really is (sorry ’bout it).

Midtown: Steak and Potatoes


Photo by Daniella Shulema

There’s no better meal for a Midtown businessman than a classic plate of steak and potatoes. Clean cut and simplistic, and not to mention totally sophisticated, all those guys in suits are basically just a bunch of filet mignons.

Greenwich Village: Anything Off a Food Truck


Photo by Jaime Wilson

Greenwich Village is the bustling center of NYU, as well as tons of young, working adults, and even celebrities (looking at you, Alec Baldwin). Not only do food trucks provide food on the go for this fast-paced community, there’s also a truck for just about every kind of cuisine. Plus, food trucks are the perfect way to feel like a foodie without actually spending like one, so they’re perfect for a ramen budget.

Soho: Avocado Toast


Photo by Becca Miller

Of course the home of the chic, rich, and fashionable can only be described by one of the trendiest of all trends—the beloved avocado toast. Not only is Soho the ideal brunch destination, it’s also one of the coolest and most stylish neighborhoods in the city, just like everyone’s favorite new meal.

Chelsea: Anything Vegan


Photo by Gabriella Caputo

It wasn’t until the past decade or so that Chelsea became the hip, happening neighborhood that it is now, but as soon as it came on the radar it was an instant hit. Being vegan also wasn’t a huge thing until recent years, but now this meatless-diet is just as trendy as the trendy Meat-Packing district.

Financial District: Soylent


Photo by Katherine Baker

There’s no time for a lunch break in the busy world of the FiDi, and that’s exactly what Soylent is for. Just like this newest form of meal-replacement, the wolves of Wall street feed off non-stop action. Soylent effectively eliminates any need for a break, not to mention it’s about as dull and flavorless as a stack of tax forms.

Harlem: Soul Food


Photo courtesy of @metrodiner_official on Instagram

Ever since the Harlem Renaissance revitalized African-American culture in this NYC neighborhood, Harlem has been frequently considered the soul food capital of the north. Of course, there are tons of other food-related reasons to make the trek into the East and West 100s, but some good old fashioned southern style is definitely on the top of the list.

Nolita: Kale Smoothie


Photo courtesy of olympia.fitmom4.com

In Manhattan, it doesn’t get more classically hipster than Nolita, and the same goes for pretty much anything involving kale. Green smoothies are becoming increasingly more popular, which may cause some supporters to flee in search of new undiscovered foods to promote. But for now the hipster staple is as crunchy-granola as this millennial neighborhood.

Morningside Heights: Black Coffee


Photo courtesy of techinsider.io

Home of the gated community of Columbia University, as well as Barnard College, Morningside Heights is about as close to suburbia as you can get without actually leaving the city. With such a large student community spending all their time in the library, caffeine is a necessity. Plus, if you’re not part of the crazy college crew, you’ll definitely need a boost of energy to keep up.