Food and frats: two of the most important parts of a college student’s life. We paired each Hopkins frat with its edible counterpart (so you don’t have to). Plus you don’t even need to show us your J-Card!*

*But really, who do you know?

Beta (βθπ)- PB&J


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PB& Jelly- a classic comfort food. A PB&J sandwich may not be able to sing to you, but you know it would if it could. It’s always good, but sometimes you just want to spice it up a little.

St. Elmo’s (ΔΦ)- Lobster


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It takes a bit of work to get into this one. Lobster seems really fancy, but doesn’t end up being as extraordinary as you thought it would be. It is still yummy though.

FIJI (ΦΓΔ)- Burger


Photo by Calvin Jung

Burgers may get dressed up at times, but for the most part they’re just a routine setup. A good choice for outdoor, daytime parties.

 Lambda (λΦΕ)- Cotton Candy


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Cotton candy is light, friendly, and playful. However, you really only see it once a year and then forget about it.

Phi delt (ΦΔΘ)- Jello


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Jello has its ride-or-die fans and pairs GREAT with alcohol. However, when consumed on its own you’re just left confused, and eating boiled animal bones.

Phi Psi (ΦΚΨ)- Pizza


Photo by Aarthi Chezian

Who doesn’t love pizza? Whether it’s gourmet or a $1 slice, pizza will make you happy. And even when it has been sitting out for a while, you get yourself some garlic sauce and dig right in.

Pike (πΚΑ)- Milk


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You wake up and pour yourself a bowl of cereal. You grab the milk and realize the expiration date was yesterday. You’re a little wary but pour it in anyways, and everything turns out alright (most of the time).

SAE (ΣΑΕ)- Grilled Cheese


Photo by Maeve Greeley

Grilled cheese is another classic. It’s always good but can get pretty greasy at times, so it’s not something you want to (or should) have every weekend.

Sig Chi (ΣΧ)- Soup


Photo by Hui Lin

Soup can get a little bland at times, but it never fails to make you feel safe.

SigEp (ΣΦΕ)- Twinkie


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You love twinkies when you’re little (freshmen), but after O-week ends, you soon learn that you can only have so many.

Wawa (ΑΔΦ)- Nachos


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Nachos are always messy, but remain a quintessential drunk food. They can vary a bit but are usually decent at the very least. They also pair well with football and beer.

Aepi (ΑΕπ)- Latkes


Photo by Tori Avey

No explanation needed.