With the recent release of three new Ben & Jerry's non-dairy flavors, I got to thinking about the versatility of all the non-dairy flavors, much like the main characters on Friends. Through extensive research done by yours truly and lots of non-dairy ice cream, I've determined which flavor is most like each character on the show. So take a second to think of who your favorite character is, and I'll tell you which non-dairy flavor you should try. 

Joey: Chocolate Fudge Brownie

We all know that Joey would go for the most decadent-sounding flavor, which is without a doubt chocolate fudge brownie. A classic flavor for a classic character, Joey and this flavor go hand-in-hand. Chocolate-good. Fudge-good. Brownie-GOOD.

Chandler: Cherry Garcia

The two classics for the two roommates. Chandler would choose Cherry Garcia because it's just a little bit out there but still a safe bet. His goofy personality goes along perfectly with this slightly unconventional flavor.

Ross: Caramel Almond Brittle

This flavor is pretty average, much like Ross. Not much else to it.

Phoebe: PB & Cookies

An unconventional flavor for an unconventional gal. Phoebe would probably be the most excited about the new non-dairy Ben & Jerry's since she is a vegetarian and has always loved animals. I think she would go for this new flavor combining two classics into something even better.

Rachel: Coconut Seven-Layer Bar

Rachel would pick this flavor for two reasons: 1) The coconut will remind her of being on a tropical island on vacation, and 2) We all remember the incident with the trifle, when she accidentally layered meat in a dessert for Thanksgiving. So, I think she would appreciate a dessert layered properly. 

Monica: Chunky Monkey

This may be an obvious one, but Monica is paired with Chunky Monkey in honor of her "chunkier" past. Plus as a chef, I think she would appreciate the unique flavor combination that this flavor provides.

Gunther: Coffee Caramel Fudge

And lastly, of course Gunter would go for the Coffee Caramel Fudge because he runs a coffee shop. His second choice would be Coconut Seven-Layer Bar because, well, that's Rachel's.

Based on your favorite Friends character, these are the flavors you should try. Or simply try them all because they are all amazing (I sure have). Keep the non-dairy flavors coming, Ben & Jerry's!