Kanye’s newest album, “The Life Of Pablo,” released on February 14th and is all the hype right now. And in my opinion, Yeezy really killed it. From clever one-liners to intriguing mixtures of music styles, this album reminded me why I became a believer in Yeezus in the first place.

My only problem was that while listening to the album – I got a little hungry. I don’t know about you, but listening to 55 minutes and 35 seconds of amazing tunes is a long time for me to go without eating. So here is food for every song on “The Life Of Pablo,” something to nosh on while you enjoy listening to the fabulous Mr. West.

Ultralight Beam: Chicken Fingers

the life of pablo

Photo by Julie Mirliss

This song starts with kid’s voices and Kanye even says “pray for the parents.” So obviously a kid-friendly food like chicken fingers are a perfect fit for “Ultralight Beam.” You can upgrade your chicken fingers like this.

Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1 & 2: Pancakes

the life of pablo

Photo courtesy of simplyscratch.com

Kid Cudi says that it is a “beautiful morning” throughout “Father Stretch My Hands”. And what food always makes a morning even more beautiful? Pancakes. These pancakes are only 2-ingredients.

Famous: Flan

the life of pablo

Photo courtesy of imperiumgames.com.ar

Ye has a whole verse about Puerto Rico in “Famous,” so this song obvi calls for a Puerto Rican dessert like flan.

Feedback: Deep Dish Pizza

the life of pablo

Photo courtesy of Lou Malnati’s Pizza

In this song, Kanye says “I’m a Chicago south sider” twice and talks about Oprah (her studio’s in Chicago), so this song calls for some good home Chicago food. And there’s nothing better than Chicago-style deep dish pizza. For more foods you can’t miss in Chicago, check these out.

Low Lights: Valentine’s Day Chocolate

the life of pablo

Photo by Christine Chang

This is the ultimate love monologue. And since Valentine’s Day is the holiday of love (and chocolate is the real bae), this song calls for indulging in some Valentine’s Day chocolate.

Highlights: Durian

the life of pablo

Photo courtesy of Klik Hotel Blog

In this song, Yeezy says he wants “to know right now if you a freak or not.” What fits this song better than a freaky fruit like durian? Durian smells like a combination of sewage, a dead carcass, and onions (YUM), but tastes yummy and sweet.

Freestyle 4: Pie

the life of pablo

Photo by Kristine Auble

“You get hit with the pie now”. So, pie. For the definitive ranking of pies, click here.

I Love Kanye: Ice Cream

the life of pablo

Photo courtesy of @kanyedoingthings on Instagram

Kanye loves Kanye and Kanye loves ice cream.

Waves: Salmon

the life of pablo

Photo courtesy of TheKitchenAccomplice on Flickr

Since the title of this song is “Waves,” you need a food that lives beneath the waves. Fish, and particularly salmon, is the perfect match.

FML: Layer Cake

the life of pablo

Photo courtesy of laroccacafe.com

In this song, Kanye says that he reveals the layers of his soul. So what do we think has more layers, Kanye’s soul or this layer cake?

Real Friends: Wine

the life of pablo

Photo by Kelda Baljon

According to Kanye, in this song he’s “spillin’ free wine, now my tux is ruined.” So have a glass of wine, but try your best not to spill cause we wouldn’t want you to ruin your tux too.

Wolves: Jerky

the life of pablo

Photo by Tess Wei

Wolves are carnivores, eating mostly big game animals, so some good ol’ jerky will go perfectly with the song “Wolves.”

Silver Surfer Intermission: Banana

the life of pablo

Photo by Abigail Wang

This 56 second song is supposed to sound like Max B leaving a message to Kanye on the phone. And I’m sure Max B used a banana phone when practicing this phone call so have a banana (sorry, I know it’s a stretch).

30 Hours: Omelette

the life of pablo

Photo by Clarisse Callahan

“You call down for an omelette.” No further explanation needed.

No More Parties In LA: Cap’n Crunch

the life of pablo

Photo by Courtney Hatfield

In this song, Kendrick Lamar says, “Make me believe in miracles, Buddhist monks and Cap’n Crunch cereal.” And since Kendrick thinks Cap’n Crunch is a miracle, you better be eating it.

Facts (Charlie Heat Version): Mustard

the life of pablo

Photo courtesy of @s_comme_simon on Instagram

Yeezus says he “give ’em grey poupon on a Dj Mustard, ah!” and if Yeezus is giving you grey poupon, you should take it (and get his autograph).

Fade: Fruit Roll-Up

the life of pablo

Photo by Haley Durham

Kanye says he’s tryna “roll up, roll up” in this song. I don’t know about him, but I’m tryna fruit roll-up.

the life of pablo

Gif courtesy of giphy.com

So there ya have it, “The Life Of Pablo” in food. Time to give the album another listen, but this time, make sure you bring some snacks.