Ah, breakfast. Is it really the most important meal of the day? If you ask someone like me, who would defend brunch food with her life, I'd definitely say yes! Breakfast food never fails to improve my mood- and it gets my brain ready for whatever tasks the rest of the day holds. As someone who works out after breakfast, I also understand the importance of proper fuel. 

Is making a vegan breakfast easy? If your definition of "easy" involves pouring a bowl of Cheerios and some almond milk, then yes! But, if you want to set yourself up for success by eating a balanced, protein-rich meal, you might have to get a little creative.

Lucky for you, I've compiled a list of some of my favorite healthy vegan breakfast ideas for you! All of these take less than twenty minutes to prepare and are full of healthy carbs, protein, and fat. 


Basic ingredients: Rolled oats, dairy-free milk, and protein powder (I personally love hemp protein powder). 

Tasty additions: Hemp seeds, nut butter, banana, chia seeds, flax seeds, non-dairy yogurt, agave/maple syrup, jam, grated zucchini or frozen berries.

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Laura Subiaur

Oatmeal is a very carb-y breakfast option on its own, but it can be filled with toppings and additions that make it a more balanced breakfast staple. Simple heat oats, protein powder, and non-dairy milk on a stovetop and stir until thick. Not a fan of warm oatmeal? Try this overnight oats recipe instead! 

Non-Dairy Yogurt Parfait

Basic Ingredients: Non-dairy yogurt and desired toppings 

Tasty Additions: Frozen blueberries, museli, granola, nuts, almond butter, sliced banana, chia seeds, or coconut flakes

Sara Klimek

Surprisingly, I wasn't a big fan of yogurt prior to becoming vegan. Now, I regularly eat it when I need a breakfast on-the-go. I top my yogurt with frozen blueberries; it's a great sweet breakfast on a hot summer morning! 

There are many different kinds of vegan yogurt on the market; coconut, almond, cashew, and soy are some of the most popular. My personal favorite is the SoDelicious Coconut Yogurt (unsweetened vanilla). Although I find that the coconut base most resembles that of traditional yogurt, it's lower in protein and higher in fat. Soy and almond yogurts have higher protein content, but they taste (in my humble opinion) like tree-bark. I also opt for a no-sugar-added yogurt (so "tangy" is an understatement)- some non-dairy varieties can have up to 20g of added sugar! 

Peanut Butter Toast

Basic Ingredients: Your favorite whole-grain bread and raw peanut butter (no-sugar added)! 

Tasty Additions: Chia seeds, sliced banana, or agave/maple syrup. 

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Julia Gilman

If you've read any of my past articles, you might know that I have an absolute obsession with all things peanut butter. Pair it with a warm slice of locally-baked sourdough or whole-grain wheat and you'll have a match made in heaven. My usual breakfast is a slice of peanut butter toast and some frozen blueberries! 

Southwestern Tofu Scramble & Potato Hash

Basic Ingredients: Extra-firm tofu, nutritional yeast, and oven-roasted potatoes (sweet or regular)

Tasty Additions: Guacamole, black beans, salsa, hot sauce, cumin, coriander, cilantro, diced onion, spinach, bell peppers, garlic, salt/pepper

Sara Klimek

Scrambled eggs might be a staple for non-vegans, but you can still get in on this iconic breakfast food with one different ingredient: tofu! Prior to scrambling the tofu in a pan, drain as much of the water out as possible. This will allow the tofu to cook more evenly. Nutritional yeast is full of B12 vitamins and will provide a great cheesy flare to your scramble. I serve this scramble on top of oven roasted potatoes, but I could see it also folded up inside of a warm tortilla! 

The McVegan (Breakfast Sandwich)

Basic Ingredients: Tofu Scramble, Nutritional Yeast, English Muffin/Toast, and your favorite plant-based sausage (I use the Meatless Farm Meat-Free Breakfast Sausage)

Tasty Additions: Carrot Bacon, Kimchi (trust me), Hot Sauce, Sliced Avocado, Arugula, Spinach, Vegan Cheese, Vegan Aioli

Sara Klimek

Portability is key, so this version of a tofu scramble is optimal for anyone who needs to have one hand on the wheel and the other around something tasty. For this sandwich, I use Meatless Farm's Meat Free Breakfast Sausage; its texture resembles that of a traditional breakfast sausage with none of the actual meat! It also complements the taste of the tofu really well, so it is a great option if you're looking for a plant-based alternative for your breakfast. I also love to add some healthy fats with some avocado mash and sprinkle Trader Joe's Everything But the Bagel Seasoning on top. 

As far as the bread goes on this one, I use Dave's Killer Bread 21-Seed. It has five grams of protein and 110 calories per slice. If you're like me and take an eternity to finish a loaf of bread, you can just pop it in the freezer and toast slices when you "knead" them (haha). 

The "It's Literally Anything and Everything I Could Find in my Pantry" Breakfast

Basic Ingredients: Handful of nuts, apple slices, remnants of last night's dinner, a slightly bruised banana, and a cup of coffee. 

Tasty Additions: A free bagel from the student group tabling on campus. 

Nobody's perfect, and sometimes neither is our #breakfastgame. The most important thing is eating foods that bring you emotional and physical satisfaction!