For the past few months, Disney and the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has graced us with Wandavision, the perfect kickoff to 2021 and Phase 4 of the MCU. The first episode of the show *spoiler alert* features Wanda preparing an elaborate dinner — involving flying lobsters — for her, Vision, and the Harts (Vision's boss and wife). With so many more Marvel shows and movies coming our way, I decided to take a trip down memory lane to Phase 1 of the MCU, and reflect over other iconic food scenes in Marvel.

Please note: spoilers ahead!

Iron Man: An American Cheeseburger

After nearly being killed in Afghanistan, Tony Stark aka Iron Man, returns and one of the first things he asks for is "an American cheeseburger." Later in this scene, we see him quickly scarfing down a Burger King cheeseburger at a press conference with equally (news) hungry reporters. According to Robert Downey Jr., the actor who plays Iron Man, this scene was a tribute to his own struggles with addiction

Iron Man: Ray's Pizza

Tony returns home to find Pepper Potts and Obadiah Stane waiting for him with Ray's Pizza from New York. What's so funny about "Ray's Pizza" is there are numerous shops in NYC that claim to be the original, and it has even been a joke in a Seinfeld episode. You can go to NYC and determine for yourself which Ray's is the best.

Iron Man 2: Randy's Donuts

In this scene, Director Fury finds Tony literally in a (giant) donut snacking on a donut. While you probably can't scale the building and sit in the actual donut, you can try the donut Iron Man eats from Randy's Donuts. The Randy's Donuts' sign in Los Angeles is a historical landmark and has been featured in many films outside of Iron Man 2

Thor: Diner Breakfast

For Thor, pop-tarts are just an appetizer to breakfast. Here, he is seen scarfing down on what seems like pancakes, scrambled eggs and coffee at a local diner. Of course, the best part about this scene is when he tastes coffee for the first time and smashes the cup in excitement — same Thor, same. 

Thor: Boilermakers

While technically not a food scene, this scene between Thor and Dr. Erik Selvig is iconic as we see the two of them take on Boilermakers, and Selvig trying to (unsuccessfully) match Thor's drinking pace. In a later scene, we see them nursing their hangover with some scrambled eggs and toast. Here's a recipe to make Boilermakers yourself (21 +). 

Avengers: Shawarma 

In the post-credits scene for the Avengers, we see the members of the team in a small (war torn) shop silently eating shawarma: a hilariously awkward conclusion to Phase 1 of the MCU. This scene was a last minute addition by Robert Downey Jr., and wasn't even shown in the first premiere. This is why Captain America, aka Chris Evans, isn't eating in this scene: he's sporting a full facial beard for another project. For those who don't know, while the scene is set in New York City, this scene was actually shot in Los Angeles' Shalom Grill on Pico Blvd.