When you’re craving ice cream, the last thing you want to do is wait for it to soften in order to scoop it. If you pop it in the microwave to hurry the process, it usually ends up a soupy mess. But look no further. With this new ice cream scoop, ice cream to bowl can be accomplished almost instantaneously.

This special scoop is made of aluminum, which has a high rate of thermal conductivity. So when the heat of your hand hits the top of the scoop, the heat travels to the bottom of the scoop and heats your ice cream. Cool, right?

This scoop comes in three different designs, named vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. Each type has a differently shaped scooper. Vanilla is egg-shaped, chocolate is a bit more angular and strawberry is shaped like a spork, which works great on an icier confection like sorbet.


Photo courtesy of Gizmodo.com

The scoop is available on Amazon for $40, which is a bit pricey. But if you just can’t wait to delve into your ice cream, and you eat it on a regular basis, the scoop may just be worth the investment. Or, better yet, put it on your holiday gift list.