Your neck is hot. Sticky. The freezer aisle is, well, freezing. You’ve been staring through the glass displays for ten minutes, and you still don’t know what you want. There are just too many options.

And you want it all.

ice cream

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I always get pretty anxious choosing an ice cream flavor from the frozen aisle at the supermarket because there’s a lot at stake.

So to help out all of you indecisive ice cream eaters this summer, here is a list of what ice cream you should buy, based on your astrological sign (crazy, right?). Since the star signs have a weird way of being pretty darn accurate, you can now relax while you order your star-decided, birth-given ice cream.

Aries — Peppermint

ice cream

Photo by Kathryn Stouffer

Aries like to be trendsetters, so peppermint ice cream is the flavor for them. Less common than mint chocolate chip, peppermint ice cream still tastes just as sweet. And because Aries are forever in the know, it’s not uncommon to hear one say that, “I tried that already.”

Taurus — Green Tea

ice cream

Photo by Jocelyn Hsu

Tauruses are earthy, just like their signature ice cream. Since they are connected to nature and the world around them, what could be better than an ice cream made from tea leaves? Plus, Tauruses will take on the challenge of seeking out this uncommon ice cream. Game on.

Gemini — Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry Ice Cream Sundae

ice cream

Photo by Emma Delaney

Geminis are known for being energetic, and a sundae is the perfect treat to fill all of their wild cravings. It will constantly satisfy them with every bite, although they will probably take plenty of breaks between eating to continue telling a story.

Cancer — Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

ice cream

Photo courtesy of Alexandra Penfold

Cancers are big on comfort, and chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream is old-time comfort. The little chunks of chocolate chip cookie dough nestled in the vanilla ice cream remind Cancers of the cookies their parents used to make (and the dough they used to eat, even though they were told not to). So knowing the taste of the ice cream flavor is very comforting to Cancers.

Leo — Karamel Sutra Core

ice cream

Photo by Amanda Shulman

Leos are passionate, daring individuals and like bold twists on common flavors. Here, any of Ben & Jerry’s Core ice creams would be a great choice, the Karamel Sutra Core in particular. This ice cream combines rich chocolate ice cream with caramel ice cream and a smooth caramel core to create a new experience that still tastes familiar and classic.

Virgo — Mango

ice cream

Photo by Amelia Weller

Whether you buy it or make it yourself, mango ice cream is soothing and refreshing. Virgos are primarily sensitive, and mango ice cream provides a sweet fruity taste that is both simple and light.

Libra — Chocolate

ice cream

Photo by Vedika Luthra

Libras’ indulgences are simple and satisfying. They cling to the comfort of something recognizable, but continue to eat it out of enjoyment, not fear. Chocolate ice cream is a sweet treat that fulfills the consistency their passion.

Scorpio – Fried

ice cream

Photo courtesy of Michelle Lettrich

Fried ice cream is perfect for a Scorpio, because the hard, crunchy exterior gives way to an unexpectedly soft, delectable center. Like fried ice cream, Scorpios have hidden sentiments.

Sagittarius — Coffee

ice cream

Photo courtesy of Kalen Vaughan

Always on the move, a Sagittarius can take a huge scoop of coffee ice cream to pump up their day. The sweetness and bitterness of coffee satisfies all the cravings of a Sagittarius. Even though this ice cream doesn’t have any caffeine, the delicious flavor of the coffee keeps these go-getters determined.

Capricorn — Vanilla with Sprinkles

ice cream

Photo by Avid Khorramian

Capricorns take pleasure in the simple, yet fun moments in life. The creamy flavor of vanilla ice cream topped with the energy of sprinkles brings a smile to the face of Capricorns. The sprinkles make something ordinary a little more fun.

Aquarius — Bacon Chocolate

ice cream

Gif courtesy of Annie Trimber

Each Aquarius wants to be different from the next, but they all share a sense of uniqueness. As a result, chocolate bacon ice cream is ideal. Stunningly different from other ice creams (bacon? yes please) but still recognizable, it’s a perfect treat. Plus, Aquariuses will put in the effort to candy their own bacon.

Pisces — Half-Baked

ice cream

Photo courtesy of Ben & Jerry’s

The mysterious nature of Pisces makes half-baked ice cream the perfect fit. Packed with cookie dough and fudge brownies, every bite is a new little adventure. A Pisces likes knowing that no matter what the next bite is, it’ll be delicious. The blend of chocolate and vanilla ice cream balances the Pisces nature – two fish split in an opposite path.