"Fancy Salmo" is a dinner you sign up for that happens 1-2 times each week that is served by waitstaff in an isolated area of the dining hall. The menu is limited and you get to choose your three courses for an experience that is way better than your typical Salmo dinner. I was able to attend the trial run for this event with our new food provider Sodexo, and here's what happened...

Table Set up

The area that is closed-off is by the new sandwich station in the back. You check in, and will be brought to your linen-covered table by a well-dressed waiter or waitress (usually Bryant students- they are fantastic). There was bread (the good stuff) on the table with oil for dipping, and actual glasses for water...no more plastic cups. The menu usually has a few appetizer options, three entrees, and a couple desserts to choose from.  

Appitizer: French Onion Soup

french onion soup, onion, soup, cheese
Brianna Sutherland

I chose the french onion soup as an appetizer over the fall salad and shrimp scampi skewers. It was pretty good, not too salty with a crouton but could have used more cheese.

Entree: Flank Steak

steak, spinach
Brianna Sutherland

If someone offers you red meat at college, you take it. Usually we survive on chicken and pork and maybe once in awhile an overcooked piece of beef. This flank steak was cooked perfectly with scalloped potatoes, root vegetables and mushroom gravy. They other options included roasted chicken with the same sides, or pasta primavera.

Dessert: Apple Crisp

ice, cream, ice cream, apple, caramel, apple pie
Brianna Sutherland

Doesn't get much more fall than apple crisp. The dish could've been warmer but major props because it was served up in a huge dish with ice cream and caramel. I chose this option over the brownie sundae

So, if you are a freshman or have just never been to Fancy Salmo, you must try it out. Honestly, one, well-cooked meal that leaves you full in the good kind of way can really turn your week around. Try signing up with a few friends next time they have it!