"I was never a big coffee drinker until I came to college" may be one of the most cliché and overused phrases out there. However, I firmly believe it and am here to tell you that it is 100% true.

I actually hate hot coffee. The smell of it is gross, it's always too hot that I end up having to wait way too long for it to cool, and then I have to basically drink it within thirty minutes of roasting it because it becomes room temperature and who wants lukewarm coffee?

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Emily Weaver

I was first introduced to Dunkin' Donuts this past summer when I stayed on campus taking classes and working. Among the several Iowa City perks I was introduced to (think: Dane's Dairy, Thursdays spent at Union, and Midwest humidity—maybe not so much a perk), DD was definitely on the top of my list.

So I put my body and coffee tolerance to the test and went to Dunkin' everyday for a week and here's how it went. 

Why Dunkin' Donuts?

One sentence: Happy Hour. That's right folks, every day of the freakin' week from 2-6 pm is half-priced drinks. The game has officially been changed. 

#SpoonTip: Download the DD Perks app to receive free offers and rack up points for a free beverage!

Day 1

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Emily Weaver

My order: Mocha Iced Coffee. Cream and sugar? Um... yes please! Topped with a chocolate sprinkles donut. 10/10 would recommend the Mocha Iced Coffee to any newbie. 

Day 2

Emily Weaver

I got an A on my Spanish exam so decided to go big and ordered a large. Why not? It's half-priced anyway. I tried the hash browns for the first time and was surprised by how delicious they were. Not bad DD, not bad. 

Day 3

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Emily Weaver

I went with the mocha again, what can I say? I'm addicted. Pictured above is Caramel Iced Coffee. I'm not a big fan of caramel so it didn't suit my taste buds; however, for any of you caramel lovers out there, I think I've found your new go-to. 

Day 4

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Emily Weaver

Halfway through the day I got a headache and found myself craving coffee. I've never had it this much and my body was getting on such a regular cycle that it was reacting to not having any caffeine in over 24 hours.

If your body is used to having coffee every day, symptoms of withdrawal can be headaches, fatigue, and difficulty concentrating. I was experiencing all of these so I took the day off and made sure I was drinking water throughout the day. 

Day 5

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Emily Weaver

I felt much better today and tried Dunkin's donut holes, famously known as munchkins. You can get eight for only $2.50! If you're lucky, they sometimes throw a few extra in there.

#SpoonTip: Feeling like making your own donut holes? Embrace this fall weather and make these baked apple cider donut bites.

Day 6

Emily Weaver

HAPPY NATIONAL COFFEE DAY! Didn't even have to wait until 2 pm today to enjoy my cup of heaven because coffee was only 66 cents to celebrate their 66th Anniversary. Can I get a hell yeah? 

Day 7

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On my final day, I decided that I can confidently say I am a regular at the Dunkin' Donuts by campus. As soon as I walk through the door, the same cashier smiles and already has a cup ready writing down my order. 

Final Thoughts

By the end of the week, I had DD cups on my nightstand, the living room table, the kitchen, my car—they basically took over. But do I regret it? NEVER. Although going on daily coffee runs may not have been the healthiest for my body, I know I will for sure be making weekly visits to see my favorite employees and get my Mocha Iced Coffee fix. 

#SpoonTip: Dunkin' has punch cards and after 6 punches you get a free large drink.