Every weekend at Hell's Kitchen in Minneapolis, something magical happens... suddenly a dark, dingy hallway in the basement restaurant turns becomes the most excessive build-your-own Bloody Mary bar in the city. The 30-foot hallway features any fruit, vegetable or meat you could possibly pile onto your masterpiece, and I do recommend piling. 

Aspenn Ward

The Toppings

You start by getting a shot of boozy goodness from the bar, and then make your way to the bar where you can add any topping imaginable (including your choice of rim salts). Being a vegetarian, I opted to build a ladder out of my celery and spear as many blue cheese-stuffed olives, pickles and cubes of cheese onto that bad boy as physically possible. I think the end result speaks for itself.

Aspenn Ward

The Spice

Now there is one thing that this experience offers that might just top the fact that you basically getting a meal sitting on top of your bloody, and that is the hot sauces. The bar features 247 of them with a range of spice levels, from mild to straight up dangerous. I recommend hitting the hot sauce first, before you lose sight of the actual bloody underneath your excessive garnishes. 

Aspenn Ward

A Must

This heaven might be located in Hell, but I promise it is worth the trip. If awesome bloodies aren't your booze of choice, they also offer a similar mimosa bar, that I have to admit looks like an incredible experience in lieu of brunch plans. Either way, this is a must-have experience for anyone living in or visiting Minneapolis.