Ever since I could remember, I've always loved Oreos. They are a simple cookie that is made of chocolate cookie and a vanilla creme center that you can have it dunked in milk or just on its own. For someone who doesn't favor milk, I would always try to have a glass for when I eat Oreos since they taste great in milk. It's a cookie that anyone at any age can enjoy as well as introducing it to their younger generation. Plus it's one of the only cookies that I know that people who are lactose intolerance can eat.

For decades, Oreos have been taking the world by storm with its simple flavors. However, in the last few decades, Oreos have been expanding their flavor combinations. From the simple flavors to the weird and wacky flavors, Oreo doesn't seem like its stopping anytime soon with their flavors. Recently, they just released three new flavors, each unique in their own way. I went out and bought these flavors to see just how good they are while comparing them to each other by ranking them as my least favorite to my favorite of the bunch. 

 3. Cherry Cola Oreos

Bethany Fontana

When I heard of this flavor, I was not excited at all and currently am not excited that I have them. I'm not a fan of Cherry Cola and I thought that maybe the Oreos would get me to find an appreciation for the flavor but unfortunately, it did not. Before I say more, the reason why I don't like this flavor is that it's too accurate to its original idea. So it's a great Oreo that was able to achieve the flavor that it was after as well as a surprise in the cookie, but I didn't like because I don't like the flavor.

When you open the pack, the smell hits you immediately and you get the sweet cherry smell off of the cookie. Unlike the other two on the list, this is the only one that had a chocolate cookie, which helped not only the flavor aspect of the Oreo but as well as the aesthetic design of the Oreo. It helps paint a picture to the buyer that you really are having a glass of cola. Probably the best part of this Oreo is the popping candy that's in the center of the creme. I was a bit skeptical about if the candy would work but its there to make you feel like you had the carbonation of the drink. It's actually really cool to have that feeling after you eat it but I can definitely see where people may not like it.

2. Pina Colada Oreos [Thins]

Bethany Fontana

For the three Oreos, this flavor was definitely one that I had to debate about because of the overall taste. When I first heard that Pina Colada was going to be a flavor, I was really excited about it because I love coconut and I love the overall taste of Pina Colada. But I felt that this oreo is good but it's not really one that I would go after right away.

The flavors of Pineapple and Coconut went perfectly together and one did not overpower one another. It was balanced and when you bite into the cookie, it was a nice surprise to see that it was a build-up of flavor. I also felt that with it being a thin cookie, it helped with not making the cookie too heavy as well. it was nice and light. Plus the flavor didn't hit you all at once but it gave you a nice calm ride through it. It was as if you were right by the pool having an actual pina colada. 

1. Kettle Corn Oreos

Bethany Fontana

By far, the Kettle Corn Oreo was the one I was the most shocked with because I did not think it would end up being one of the best flavors in general. It advertises the cookie as one that will be like kettle corn but it has also a hint of caramel in there that I didn't expect. Funny enough, like with the cherry cola, I'm not a fan of caramel at all. I find it to be too sweet and it's just an awkward taste. But for some reason, I fell in love with this oreo.

The Oreo creme paired with vanilla cookie helped save the flavor because if the creme was paired with the chocolate cookie then there would be a weird battle for dominance of the chocolate flavor and the slight caramel flavor. there wasn't too filling, which I like since you know it won't be much of a mess. I think the only downside of the cookie was how it was a bit too sweet when you first bite into it because people wouldn't be expecting that. Overall though it was a nice touch as it helped bring out a different flavor compared to the first two.

Oreos are all different. they each have a different vision that the makers of the cookie wanted to bring to people. To be able to share their own flavor combinations and taste. It was interesting to taste Cherry Cola, Pina Colada, and Kettle Corn but I thought that for summer season they all just right.