Unless you live under a rock, you've probably heard of the low calorie ice cream, Halo Top. In addition to this trending item, other brands such as Enlightened and Bryers have been producing more low-calorie pints and are making their way to grocery stores all over the country. However, unless you've been apart of the fitness culture circa 2014/2015, you may not have heard of Arctic Zero

Arctic Zero was the original low-calorie, high protein pint of ice cream before the hype of Halo Top came about, but it was better off known as a "frozen protein shake" or "flavored frozen water". 

Over the past few years, Arctic Zero has been working on making changes and adding more products to their line. Their most recent line is a completely new formula with new and exciting flavors–and let me tell you–IMO, these live up to the hype of low-calorie ice creams. Courtesy of the Arctic Zero team, I received all of the new Arctic Zero flavors (and so did my family and boyfriend for some unbiased opinions), and here's the verdict:   

1. Vanilla Bean

Whether you're a chocolate or vanilla ice cream fan, Vanilla Bean ice cream is always a go-to. Simple, creamy, and delicious; this whole pint of ice cream is only 280 calories and would be perfect on a protein brownie to make a low-calorie dessert. Vanilla Bean was a top flavor for me out of this group and I would definitely buy it once in stores. 

2. Chocolate Chunk

If you like Fudgesicles, you'll love Chocolate Chunk. This creamy chocolate ice cream is packed with dark chocolate chunks and will help to curb that chocolate craving. My family and I rated Chocolate Chunk at the bottom of the list, so when you compare it to the others, I'm sure you'll know why. 

3. Cookies and Cream

Cookies and Cream is another staple ice cream flavor. If you don't like Cookies and Cream, I almost don't trust you. In comparison to Halo Top's version, this is so much better. It's creamy and has tons of cookie pieces and tastes like a cookies and cream frozen shake. Even my mom loved this one and said it was one of her favorites. Try this one out if you're looking for an alternative to that late night line of Oreos. 

4. Peanut Butter and Chocolate Cookies 

Peanut Butter and Chocolate Cookies, a.k.a. Parent Trap ice cream (Oreo cookies and peanut butter... how could you not love it?) was one of the favorites of everyone who tried it. This ice cream had a peanut butter base, with swirls of peanut butter and chunks of Oreos throughout the pint. I was happily surprised to realize that it actually had a peanut butter taste and wasn't a fake or powdered peanut butter flavor. 

5. Cookie and Brownie Dough

Cookie and Brownie Dough. What could be better? This pint is a plain vanilla ice cream but has chunks of cookie dough and brownies in it. If you're not used to low-calorie ice creams, this may taste more artificial to you, but the chunks in this definitely make up for the slight aftertaste.

6. Mint and Chocolate Cookies

Mint and Chocolate Cookies was rated as top flavor by everyone who tried it. This mint flavored ice cream was packed with big chocolate chunks and crushed Oreo cookies. It tasted the most like "real" ice cream out of all of the flavors and I could see myself eating the whole pint in one sitting. If you're a huge mint chocolate fan like I am, this is something you definitely need in your life. 

7. Toffee Crunch

Of course I had to save the best for last: Toffee Crunch was easily my favorite flavor of the bunch. Arctic Zero describes this flavor as a creamy vanilla with caramel swirls and toffee chunks. This one had the most amount of swirl and chunks in it and if you like you're ice cream super sweet, you'll love this one. I will definitely be buying this flavor again. 

*Disclaimer: Arctic Zero sent me all flavors to try, and I personally decided to review them for the world to see. 

S/O to Arctic Zero for sending me these flavors and giving me a chance to try all of your new and improved ice creams. These new flavors are 100x better than their original formula and my dad even said he thought they were better than Halo Top. The flavors range from 280-360 calories and will be out in stores SOON. Try them out for yourself if you're looking for a low-calorie dessert or just to eat the whole pint!