I grew up coming home from school and watching "The Oprah Winfrey Show." I marveled at how Oprah had made her life a franchise with a show, a magazine, a cookbook, and just a few of her "favorite things." For this reason, I decided to go on a quest to try Oprah's favorite mac and cheese, because it sounded like a good time to me!

Beecher's Handmade Cheese

Oprah's favorite is Beecher's Handmade Cheese in Seattle at Pike Place Market (one of her faves from 2010).The easiest way to know I had led my parents close to the location was the long line and the large corner windows allowing outsiders to watch the delicious cheese being made. 

Emily Elliott

The anticipation to try the "World's Best" definitely built as I waited in line to give it a try. After much waiting, I finally got to eat Oprah's favorite mac and cheese. So, was it the best?

The Menu

Emily Elliott

While waiting in line, one has to try and decide in which form to try their famous Flagship and Just Jack cheese. This cafe also does collaborations with other restaurants; at the time they had collaborated with WSU Bread Lab to make the Breadzel.

The Breadzel was essentially a fluffy pretzel topped with cheese and herbs which was delicious. The menu includes grilled sandwiches, fresh curds, soup, drinks, and of course (Oprah's Favorite) Mac and Cheese.

Cheese Making

Emily Elliott

Seeing the workers make the World Famous cheese showed how much care went into the product and the work involved. I watched them stack curd blocks and attempt to not let them break in the process. Several vats could be seen that showed where milk was being fermented and filtrated to make the tasty cheese. This interactive experience made the meal feel more connected to what I was eating after shortly watching the cheese being made. 

The Cheese!

Emily Elliott

This photo above shows some of the finished cheese, with the most popular types being Flagship and Just Jack. One can sample the two curds in the very back of the cafe next to a display of all the cheese one could possibly want. The cafe also sells cookbooks and some various collectibles and cooking supplies.

Beecher's Handmade Cheese offers an app to help one skip the line and allow them to have your food ready when you arrive! They are even doing a cheese giveaway when you complete your first order. One can always order the cheese online if a trip to Seattle or New York isn't exactly in your future.

Oprah's Favorite Mac and Cheese 

Emily Elliott

Alas, the mac and cheese I had waited for. Now being as I am a refined adult only experiencing the finest of cheeses anymore (kidding, I usually eat boxed mac as I'm still in college). This mac and cheese was perfect. In other words, this is not the mac and cheese one would remember from childhood (bright orange), or the homemade kind made with stringy cheddar.

It was as if I had stolen the cheese my family only buys for a New Year's cracker and cheese plate and used it to make a thick sauce. It was almost gritty at points, yet still light. The cheese tasted more aged and made me feel like I was an adult being able to appreciate a more refined mac and cheese. 

Trying Oprah's favorite mac and cheese was definitely an experience, but for now I'll go back to my favorite box, because you just can't live like Oprah all the time.