My never-ending quest for decent non-dairy milk has led me to my latest trial: oatmilk. Yes, if pea milk and rice milk weren't enough, oatmilk is also now available. 

Grocery stores carry a few different brands, but I bought Planet Oat oatmilk. I got the original and unsweetened flavor, but it comes in chocolate, vanilla, and extra creamy as well. 

I got the 52oz container because it was all they were selling, but it was worth it. I actually wanted to finish this carton. 

#SpoonTip: since there is no dairy in oatmilk, it lasts forever in the fridge. 

Initial Reaction

I was excited about my oatmilk, and it lived up to my expectations. Upon first glance, it looks more like dairy milk than some other non-dairy milks. It is thicker, and more off-white in color. 

It doesn't have much taste on its own, which I was happy about. I was worried that it would taste like there was unflavored oatmeal in my cereal, but I honestly forgot it was there. 

The oatmilk went well with my cereal, almond and banana combo. Almondmilk is too nutty when you already have nuts in the bowl, but the oatmilk fit in well and didn't make my meal taste funny. It is also thick enough that the cereal gets slightly soggy, which is nice because I can pretend for a second that I am eating the same meal I loved as a kid. 


Oatmilk isn't going to completely replace the nutrients of dairy milk, but it comes close. One 1 cup serving contains 20% of the recommend daily value of Vitamin A and D and 25% of the recommended amount of calcium. Planet Oat does not use added sugars, so one serving only has 4 grams of sugar. 

There are only 2 grams of protein per serving, which is lower than most dairy milks. However, since it tastes pretty plain, it is easy to drink the oatmilk with other foods and get the protein from a different source. 

The chocolate oatmilk has 8 grams of added sugar, but has 3 grams of protein in the same 1 cup serving. 

It is also nut and soy free, which makes it easy to keep around other people with allergies. 

Other uses

Oatmilk is a good substitute for dairy milk in many recipes. It is thick enough to use in smoothies, and the taste is not strong enough to get in the way of cookie-dunking. The website offers ideas for savory and sweet meals that use oatmilk. Bonus: Jenna Marbles used it in her vegan, gluten-free birthday cake

I just finished my carton of oatmilk and I need more. I have been eating it in cereal, but I also want to try the chocolate flavor for everyday use. Quaker also sells oatmilk and I really need to try oatmilk in oatmeal. I haven't eaten good oatmeal in a while but maybe it has just been because I didn't have oatmilk.