Ok, real talk: Soda slaps. It's sweet, it's bubbly, and it makes you feel like Sonic the Hedgehog for like half an hour. It's what your chill professors drink at 8 A.M. for some reason. It's what you crave after a night out. It's what your sweet ol' abuela gives you when you complain of a stomach ache. And it's what apparently cleans pennies and makes your teeth rot after 4 days according to everyone's 7th-grade science fair project.

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Tess Tarantino

I genuinely thought it was going to be much harder to give up soda than this. After five days without the bubbly, sugary drink that makes me unreasonably burpy, I actually felt way better and I could see a bit of difference in my skin and mood. There were times I found myself really craving a ginger ale or Sprite, but after those five days of not drinking any soda, I treated myself to one and found myself feeling like human garbage. There's truly nothing fun about having to stop a conversation just to burp into your elbow, like the coughing cat meme (#iykyk, or look below).

On the first day, February 11th, I had coffee from the SPA cafe in the morning so I could stay alive during my 8 A.M. class, water throughout the afternoon, and a pressed pineapple juice from Trader Joe's that I highly recommend.

On the 12th, I had coffee again, water, and with the complimentary drink that comes with Freshii, I got a Vitamin Water instead of my usual, Sprite. 

On the 13th, I had my usual, water and coffee and a vanilla chai latte **heart eyes** from the Dav, and another açai-blueberry-pomegranate Vitamin Water. Three days in, I was starting to realize that without soda in my daily routine, my choices of drinks did not vary much.

On the 14th, I had water, coffee, and soy milk with my cereal. I assume I had more after that and I just forgot to record it, but I believe that's all I had that day. I make a huge effort to drink enough water throughout my day to stay hydrated and full even when I'm not eating.

On the 15th, I had coffee, water, yet another Vitamin Water, and water with a bit of MiO Liquid Water Enhancer.
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After those five days, I treated myself to one soda over the weekend and realized that I actually hadn't missed it as much as I thought I would!  I usually keep stock of the soda when I get it for free with the meal swipe, so currently, my fridge has been packed full of sodas that I haven't drunk yet.  

I definitely recommend giving up soda for small periods like this if you're trying to kick the addiction to sugary drinks. It felt good to know I was actively trying to do better with what I put into my body. Along with not eating red meat or consuming milk, giving up drinking soda is a great way of reducing the number of ~toxins~ that I consume. I'm going to continue drinking less soda and saving it for a once or twice a week treat for myself. Hope that you find this helpful and that you'll try doing this too!