As a college student, it can be a difficult task to manage your healthy eating habits. When I tested out Blue Apron & Hello Fresh, I had a thoroughly enjoyable experience because I loved the homemade cooking aspect of the meals they provided.

However, the only drawback to these food box subscriptions was that I didn't always have the time to dedicate 30 minutes to an hour of cooking time! When I stumbled upon Freshly on Facebook, I was in disbelief. They claim to be "all-natural, gluten-free, protein-packed, and microwaveable." But HOW? Microwave meals have such a bad rep. I was skeptical yet willing to give it a try.  Here's my real and raw experience with Freshly's meals. 

Day 1: Peach Balsamic Pork Chop, Paired With Glazed Carrots and Broccolini

This first meal set the standards high for Freshly. Although I was fully aware that this whole meal was heated in a microwave, the overall taste was still crisp and fresh. The only thing I felt missing was some seasoning, but they stated on the packaging that "[we] understand that no two palates were created equal" and encouraged to sprinkle black pepper, a pinch of chili flakes, or a liberal amount of salt, if necessary. 

Rating: 4.0  

550 cals / 40 g protein / 38g carbs

Day 2: Home-Style Meatloaf, Top Rated by Consumers

Honestly, I'm a little weary of meatloaf. It just sounds a little gross and mysterious. But when I tried this, I fully understood why this was a top rated meal according to consumers. The sauce gave it the most flavor out of all the other dishes and the sides complemented the entree flawlessly. 

Rating: 4.6

460g cals / 33g protein / 36g carbs

Day 3: Paleo Beef Chili 

I've tried the Paleo diet and it just didn't stick, but having this meal made me want to reconsider. I LOVE the thick Ancho Chili Sauce. Everything about this dish was perfection. They also suggested to add guacamole ( my favorite), sour cream, scallions, and anything else your heart desires! 

Rating: 4.6

450g cals / 28g protein / 33g carbs

Day 4: Roasted Balsamic Chicken, With Smashed Red Potatoes

The epitome of comfort food to me is chicken and potatoes and this meal drifted me off to my happy place. Some parts of the chicken were a bit dry, but that's to be expected as it was a microwaved meal. I devoured the sweet and red potato combo, it was DELISH.

Rating: 4.3

540g cals / 39g protein / 41 carbs

Day 5: Grilled Flat Iron Steak, With Potato Hash & Creamed Spinach

This meal was a real crowd-pleaser. You never would have guessed this was a steak heated up in the microwave! Also, the creamed spinach was to die for. Overall, this was probably my favorite meal.

Rating: 4.9

580g cals / 37g protein / 30g carbs

Day 6: Southwest Chicken Bowl

I decided to eat this on a day when I was craving Chipotle, and I wasn't mad about it. It didn't have a generous amount of chicken, but the real flavor came from the veggies and other ingredients anyways. If you're a fan of cilantro, this one is for you! It was the perfect blend of flavors and the sweet potato was a pleasant addition to my regular bowls I get at Chipotle. 

Rating: 4.7

730g cal / 47g protein / 60 carbs


- Practicality for busy college students

- Simple to prep & easy to clean 

- Not like your typical "microwave meal" 

- Perfect for those on a gluten-free, paleo diet, or prefer organic, healthy meals 


- Nothing compares to the accomplished feeling of cooking your own meal

- You don't gain useful cooking skills 

- Can be a little on the pricey side

- May need to add seasoning to some dishes

This is the new generation of food subscription boxes and I'm obsessed! Thank you Freshly for making my week a little easier. The food truly is what it claims to be and that's what we need—healthy, organic food we all enjoy consuming! It takes the guesswork out of the "Hey, what do you want to eat tonight?" conversation. I can't wait to try their other dishes on the menu! 

#SpoonTip: Once you're a member of Freshly, you can invite your friends to try it and you both gain 2 free meals. YUP. That's right, FREE. So tell your friends, family, people on the streets, EVERYONE.