As an avid ice cream lover, I can honestly say the sundae bar nights in the dining halls are ones that I look forward too. The options seem never-ending, from the different flavors to the tons of toppings you can choose from. I tried every sundae bar so that you can get the most out of your meal plan. Here's what I thought...

North Dining Hall (Wednesday) 

North does not have the best reputation when it comes to its cuisine, and the sundae bar is no different. The amount of ice cream flavors offered was great, but the toppings were sub-par. There are only three options: hot fudge, brownies, and rice krispy treats. If you are looking for a sundae bar that has all-you-can-eat toppings, I would not recommend North. 

McMahon Dining Hall (Wednesday)

I was extremely impressed with McMahon. There were six different ice cream flavors to choose from, which is nothing new from the everyday options. However, unlike other dining halls with just hot fudge, McMahon had the option of ~caramel sauce~ too. They also had m&ms, marshmallows, Oreos, gummy bears, nuts, homemade brownies and more. If you aren't convinced yet, then just know the gummy bears are put in an enormous bowl filled to the top. I promise if you go to McMahon, you will not be disappointed.

Courtney Stewart

Towers Dining Hall (Friday)

With Towers dining hall being mostly for the freshman, not many people go there for the sundae bar. In fact, most of the time, the toppings that you want are pretty much gone already. There are only two flavors of ice cream to choose from, so if you are picky with your ice cream choices like me, Towers is not for you. The main toppings include: crushed oreos, m&ms, marshmallows, gummy bears and hot fudge. Although the options don't vary much, one great aspect of this sundae bar is that there is almost never a line!

Northwest Dining Hall (Sunday)

According to my standards, the sundae bar at northwest is mediocre. It is similar to most other dining halls, with a good variation of toppings. Sometimes they also have other desserts (like m&m cookies!!), that many students put on their sundae for an extra boost of sugar. However, the line is always long, and the ice cream is normally hard to scoop out. There is ~nothing~ more stressful than everyone watching you struggle to get your scoops worth of ice cream.

Olivia Bria

South, Putnam, and Whitney Dining Hall (N/A)

South, Putnam, and Whitney don't offer a sundae bar, so you definitely should not go to these dining halls if you're looking for a good sundae!


Overall, McMahon seemed to be the sundae bar that would give you the most out of your swipes.

From the amazing ice cream flavors that change daily, to the huge variety of toppings, McMahon will keep your ice cream cravings satisfied.