Last year, America voted on their favorite Dunkin' Donuts ice cream-flavored coffees to bring back for summer 2018, and the winners were Butter Pecan, Cookie Dough, and Pistachio. Now, for a limited time, Dunkin' Donuts new ice cream coffee will be available as hot or iced coffees, macchiatos, lattes, frozen chocolate, and frozen coffee drinks.

According to Dunkin' Donuts, Butter Pecan will have "indulgent butter roasted pecan" and "sweet cream flavors." While Cookie Dough has been described as a flavor that will "transport your taste buds to the moments just before cookies are popped into the oven." And Pistachio will have all "Pistachio ice cream lovers [going] nuts for the sweet pistachio taste." 

Just from the descriptions alone, the drinks sound phenomenal, but I was a little hesitant about how sweet they were going to be. So, I decided to go out and try each flavor as an iced coffee, hoping that they taste just as good as they sound. 

Taste Test

Bre Larranaga

At first sight, all three drinks look like a basic iced coffee you can buy from anywhere. But getting down to taste, I started off with the Butter Pecan, and I have to say, I really enjoyed it. You can definitely taste the butter pecan flavor. It's very rich and the coffee/creamer helps create a nice balance to the sweetness of the butter pecan. It reminds me exactly of the ice cream I know and love, and I would recommend this drink to anyone.

Next up, I tried Cookie Dough, which I was the most excited for out of the three. However, it didn't live up to my expectations at all. You would expect it to taste like the raw cookie dough bites you get in ice cream, but the cookie dough was missing. I thought maybe my taste buds were confused by the Butter Pecan from earlier, so I walked away for 15 minutes to clean my palate. When I came back to try the drink again, it didn't miraculously change flavors. It's a very sweet drink and it tastes great, but it didn't strike me as cookie dough-flavored. I wouldn't mind getting this drink again because I did like the overall flavor, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone that likes their coffee super sweet. 

Bre Larranaga

Last but not least, Pistachio. My first thoughts are the Pistachio is extremely rich, and leaves a nutty, creamy flavor in your mouth. It's not too bitter, not too sweet, but the perfect blend. I really enjoyed this one, because it does taste like the Pistachio ice cream I'm used to. 

Final Verdict

Bre Larranaga

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by Dunkin' Donuts new ice cream coffee drinks. I found myself enjoying each one, with Butter Pecan being my favorite. The only thing I would change is not adding sugar, and just sticking with the creamer. I feel like the actual ice cream flavors are sugary as is, and that the extra sugar I added was not necessary. I do see myself buying these again, and suggest everyone to try them before they're gone.