As an avid coffee drinker, finding a product like Dirty Lemon Energy that claims to replace my morning cup of joe proved intriguing. Naturally, I wanted to put this to the test. Realizing this product would arrive around the time Lollapalooza starts, I designed the ultimate test: I tried Dirty Lemon Energy to see if it could get me through the four-day music festival. 

Day 1

Alicia Wala

A giant package greeted me on my doorstep, and I immediately became excited to try these out. An order of six Dirty Lemon beverages costs $65, which works out to be a little more than $10 per bottle. The instructions that came with the box say to refrigerate the drinks immediately, so I did.

On Dirty Lemon website suggests this drink is "a replacement for coffee or as needed when you need a sustained energy boost." As a daily coffee drinker, I get strong withdrawal symptoms (think migraines) if I go without a cup of joe.  

I had the first Dirty Lemon drink two days before Lollapalooza started to see how my body would react to it. The taste was bitter and slightly sour due to the lemon and lime juice. After a few more sips, I got used to the taste and enjoyed it. I finished my drink, and I felt pretty much the same as I would if I drank coffee instead. 

Day 2

When I woke up, I craved my Dirty Lemon Energy beverage. There's something about drinking an ice cold beverage in the morning that isn't coffee that made me feel really good about myself. Plus, the ingredients list was full of healthy things that I could pronounce and understand. 

It had been over 24 hours since I last had coffee, and I was feeling great. I had no withdrawal symptoms, which meant there was enough caffeine in Dirty Lemon Energy for my body to be able to function properly. The real test began the next day, since that would be the first day of Lollapalooza.

Day 3

Alicia Wala

Today was the day I put this drink to the ultimate test. Before I headed over to Grant Park, the music festival's venue, I drank my Dirty Lemon Energy for the day. I wasn't feeling a surplus of energy, but I was feeling ready to take on the first day of Lollapalooza.

After being at the festival for a few hours, I caved and bought myself a vanilla iced coffee. My energy was pretty low at that point, however, I just assumed it was from my lack of sleep the night before. The extra boost from my iced coffee provided the right amount of energy to finish the day on a good note (even if the festival closed early due to sudden, severe weather).

Day 4

Instead of drinking all of my Dirty Lemon Energy before I got ready for Lollapalooza, I saved it for the train ride to the venue. I wanted to see if I would feel more energetic by drinking my beverage closer to when I'd be most active.

I entered Grant Park around 5 pm, and I felt energized. I didn't need an extra caffeine pick-me-up this time. Just knowing that I was able to live through a day of Lollapalooza without another caffeine boost made me feel even better.

Day 5

The third day of Lollapalooza proved the most relaxing for me. I stuck to my new routine and drank my Dirty Lemon Energy with me while I rode the train. I felt pretty cool carrying around such a trendy-looking bottle. It worked as an eye-catching accessory with my outfit that day. 

I debated getting a Red Bull toward the end of the night, but I realized I didn't need any extra energy because my Dirty Lemon Energy was doing a great job. This was another successful day without a caffeine boost, and I was loving it. 

Day 6

Today was my final day of drinking Dirty Lemon Energy, and I was honestly super disappointed. The tart, unique taste grew on me, and I was going to miss it. I took my drink on the train with me one last time, feeling energized and ready to take on the last day of Lollapalooza. 

With so many artists I wanted to see perform, I spent the day running between stages. Luckily, Dirty Lemon Energy had my back. 


Overall, I had a great experience with Dirty Lemon Energy. I would recommend purchasing a case if you're curious to see how this product would work for you. I don't think this is something I will use to replace coffee, since the price tag ($65 for six bottles) costs more than my normal cup of coffee.

However, I will repurchase this product when I want a break from coffee. Overall, I never had any caffeine withdrawal, and I thought this product was extremely successful. 

#SpoonTip: Dirty Lemon has a seriously aesthetically-pleasing Instagram account, and I would recommend checking it out for some serious inspiration.