I'm a total foodie, and while that might not come as a surprise seeing as this is SpoonU, I'm also a self-proclaimed food nerd being someone who is always eager to try and examine every kind of food possible, new or old.  I admit that I'm a marketer's dream since it doesn't take very much to convince me to try something new, especially when it involves food.  So naturally, when Daily Harvest started cramming my Instagram feed with their ads, I had to investigate.  You probably recognize the aesthetically promoted cups of the company's smoothies, but Daily Harvest, as it turns out, is more than just another Instagram-worthy food subscription.  Their brand is centered around the idea that everyone can have access to healthy and powerful superfoods prepared in a fast and delicious way.  The cups come frozen which means (in an ironic way) that everything is extra fresh and healthy.  They target the busy lifestyle, the lifestyle where breakfast is rushed and on the go.  Sounds like the typical college student (amiright?). So I ordered my first subscription and was immediately hooked on how much they upgraded my dorm room's food scene, that once only played host to only microwave mac, in a super easy and convenient way.  

*I am not being promoted in any way what so ever by Daily Harvest, although I do love them!

My first box, which I received in my dorm room, contained only overnight oats, chia parfaits, and lattes.  Their signature smoothies need a blender which is unfortunately hard to come by in college.  I ordered 9 cups which need to be kept frozen.  To prepare the chia seeds and oatmeal, all I had to do was fill one of the cups up with a milk of my choice and have it sit in my fridge overnight.  Some of the oats are quite rich, so they can suffice for 2 meals (win win)!  They all taste very fresh and delicious while containing so many healthy nutrients.  As a bonus, Daily Harvest is totally vegan if you use an alternative milk, and everything is gluten-free (including the oats) making them available for everyone to enjoy.

My favorites from the order included the Chaga and Chocolate Latte which tasted like a gourmet hot chocolate but with added superfoods (mushrooms, but totally tasteless!).  As a perk, the lattes come with 3 servings allowing you to get more bang for your buck.  The Mulberry and Dragonfruit overnight oats cup is just as delicious as it sounds and is really low in both sugar and calories.  It's also pink, so perfect for that Insta!  I also enjoyed the Blackberry Majik Chia Parfait which is a bright blue pudding full of bananas and blackberries.  The Pumpkin and Chai overnight oats cup was also amazing.  It is like eating fall in a cup (think pumpkin spice).  

Addie Christianson

The second time I ordered Daily Harvest, I was back home and decided to try some of their smoothies (because bullet blender!).  They were really good and healthy, but I felt that some were a little too simple to buy in a subscription.  However, if I had a blender at school, all the smoothies would be perfect since it is hard to buy groceries and have access to fresh produce from all over.  I especially liked the Coconut Chai smoothie since it was pretty much a healthy "dessert" complete with zucchini and cauliflower that you cannot taste.   

Addie Christianson

*Spoon tip:

You have the ability with Daily Harvest to use/try every kind of milk with each cup.  I recommend unsweetened-coconut milk or skim milk for the fruit flavored cups as the lighter consistency and flavor allow for the fruit to shine through.  For the chocolate and nut flavored cups, I would use either whole/2% milk or almond (or a similar nut) milk since a thicker consistency is better for the richer flavors.  

In addition to the breakfasts and drinks, Daily Harvest also makes soups, bowls, and sundaes (I have to try that out at some point!) that all continue their tradition of quick, easy, and healthy foods.  Honestly, it's just what a college foodie needs.  

Overall, Daily Harvest can really transform dorm eating habits because it is almost easier to make a chia seed parfait than it is to whip up some 1 dollar gross ramen.  For those days when you cannot get out of bed, what's better than some fresh oats to revive you in the comfort of your room?  It is a tad pricey, starting at 7 dollars a cup, but when you think about the quality of the organic ingredients and the easy accessibility, it's worth it, even as a special every-once-in-a-while treat.