Chobani greek yogurts are a dietary staple at home, so I have been feeling left out since I stopped eating dairy. However, my mom found out that Chobani now makes five flavors of non-dairy yogurts, and of course, I bought them all.

The non-dairy options have also been expanded into yogurt drinks, but I haven't tried them yet.

All of the Chobani non-dairy products are made with a coconut base, making them safe for people who can't eat nuts or soy. The coconut milk also makes the yogurt thicker than traditional greek yogurt. It is better than other brands where the yogurt is practically liquid, but you really have to stir these before you can eat them. The coconut base makes them relatively high in sugar, with 11 grams in the 5.3 ounce serving. There is only 1 gram of protein and 150 calories per container. 

And, as a nice bonus element, the containers are recyclable. You are instructed to peel off the label and tinfoil lid, because those are trash, but the clean and empty cup can go in the recycling. 

There are currently five flavors of non-dairy Chobani yogurt. Presented in no particular order: 


The plain yogurt is much better than I expected. I was anticipating something that didn't taste like much, but this one is pretty sweet and creamy. The plain flavor is good as a part of a meal because there are no flavors to get in the way of any other foods. 


This vanilla yogurt was nothing special. The taste was the same as I had remembered in traditional greek yogurt, but it was the consistency that I disliked. It could only be described as gloppy. The yogurt was closer in texture to underset jello than yogurt. 


The strawberry yogurt was my favorite. It had an authentic strawberry taste, along with small pieces of strawberry at the bottom. I had to mix it to get to the strawberry bites, but they were there. This one was probably the most similar to greek yogurt. 


The peach yogurt was nothing special. It was a bit grainy, and the peach pieces were chewy. There was no distinct peach flavor, so the color seemed to be the strongest indicator of what I was eating.


The blueberry yogurt was pretty average. I haven't had many blueberry flavored non dairy yogurts so I commend Chobani for giving it a try, but I also don't want to eat this one again. The blueberries on the bottom were good, but there were only a few and you have to really go digging for them. This one might have been improved if there were more blueberries to give it a stronger flavor. 

This line was released to stores and Chobani's social media on January 9, so we will have to see if they will release more flavors in the future. I would be open to trying them, and hopefully I can get my hands on some of the drinkable yogurts at the store soon.