Ever since I was a little girl, I've loved Cadbury Mini Eggs. Maybe it's because Cadbury uses fresh milk to make their chocolate, their chocolate's unique flavor, or creamy texture. Whatever it is, Cadbury has always been my favorite and I was thrilled to hear that Cadbury Oreo Creme Eggs were finally coming to the US. After finding them in the Easter section of my local CVS and trying them, here's what I thought.

The Price:

At about a dollar per egg, Cadbury Oreo Creme Eggs are expensive, but they're delicious and limited edition so it’s worth it. 

The Packaging:

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Kelsey Tillinghast

The packaging is unlike any other Cadbury Egg. In contrast to Cadbury’s typical red, blue, and purple foil wrappings, the new Oreo egg is wrapped in blue plastic to help prevent the chocolate from breaking.

The Taste:

cream, chocolate
Kelsey Tillinghast

Biting into my first Cadbury Oreo Creme Egg was delightful. It was the same melt-in-your-mouth Cadbury milk chocolate that I love. It is filled with vanilla creme—very similar to the creme in Oreos—with crushed Oreo cookies mixed in. It's very different from the original Creme Egg, but in a good way. 

American Vs British Cadbury Eggs

Getting a chance to taste both the Americanized Oreo version and the original British Cadbury Dairy Milk version, I can taste a difference between the two. Both lived up to my expectations of the Oreo Creme Egg, but I personally like the British Dairy Milk Version better. For me, the chocolate was a lot creamier and overall had a better taste.

In my opinion, the Oreo Creme Egg is better than the original. So, if you get a chance to try Cadbury’s Oreo Creme Eggs, I highly recommend you do, and stock up on them because they are only limited edition for the Easter Season.

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Kelsey Tillinghast

If you can't find them in store, a couple other options are the new Cadbury Cookies and Creme Mini Eggs and the Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreo Bar. Both taste very similar to the Oreo eggs. But, when in doubt you can always order the Oreo eggs on Amazon like I did.