I’ve always been an avid fan of bubble tea or boba, whatever you want to call it. In fact, I basically grew up on it, to some extent.

For the most part, my extended family lived in the New York City area, so whenever we went back to visit them (which was often), I would always make my parents stop and get me some. Heck, I even made them stop at a bubble tea place when we were in London on vacation. After all, bubble tea shops are practically nonexistent in Connecticut. A girl’s gotta get her fixins somehow, right? 

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Tamara Hadzic

If you are unfamiliar with bubble tea, it basically is a drink made of milk tea (in recent years, flavors besides the traditional milk tea, and slushes, have become popular). No matter what flavor you get, bubble tea wouldn’t be bubble tea without the characteristic tapioca pearls at the bottom (those round, black things). 

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Austin Hake

The pearls are bouncy and chewy, and provide a fun interruption in your drink. And I know there’s some debate surrounding the conflicting textures (chewing your drink?), but for fans of the drink, it’s delicious.

Bubble tea has become a popular drink lately, and the milk tea flavor has invaded almost everything from cake to ice cream. So when my cousin mentioned there was a bubble tea mochi, I knew I had to try it.

It comes in a little package like this: 

Alice Li

It even says “Bubble Milk Tea”.

Upon ripping it open, you are immediately hit with the delicious scent of a sugary milk tea (brown sugar maybe??), and if you take a whiff of the mochi itself, that same smell is there.

Alice Li

Yes, I am aware of how much it looks like a rock. Also please ignore my dry, dry hands. It is winter in New England. 

The texture is soft and squishy, but you can feel the tapioca filling when you squeeze it

Taking a bite, I noticed that the rice wrapping isn’t too thick-which is good, since that means there’s a decent amount of filling.

Alice Li

The Verdict:

The filling itself tastes just like a tapioca pearl. It’s slightly sweet, but not overpowering, and as I said, there was a good distribution throughout.

Overall, it really did taste like you were drinking a glass of bubble tea in a bite-sized morsel. Will I be eating another ten of these? Yes.