I’m a big fan of drinks. Now I don’t mean just alcoholic drinks (though I do love a good glass of Cabernet) but teas, coffees, lattes, smoothies, kombucha, and so on. In the summer there’s something nice about having a cold glass of juice or kombucha after a long hike and in the winter warm drinks like hot cider, chai lattes, and hot chocolate keep me going.  Last week I was gifted a sample set of URBAN REMEDY’s drinks from their Cold Pressed Juices, Meal Replacement Drinks, Nut Milks, and Coffee and Tea categories. I decided to try one drink every day for a week and give my honest review of the products. All of the drinks are plant based, organic, and made from natural ingredients. The best thing about all of these drinks is they’re vegan which means lactose intolerant people like myself can drink them with no issues. 

Monday : Almond Maca

Mackenzie Laverick

To start of the week I wanted something a bit sweeter, so I tried the Almond Maca milk. The texture was a bit chalky, which could’ve been from the almonds but the taste was really good. It was a sweeter, thicker version of your classic almond milk and I’m definitely going to have this one again.

Tuesday: Slender Greens Juice 

Mackenzie Laverick

The next day I tried the Slender Greens juice with URBAN REMEDY’s Mediterranean Bowl (also vegan). I wasn’t a huge fan of the juice...I think it was the parsley as I’m one of those weird people who think parsley tastes like soap, but if that’s not an issue for you give this drink a shot. The lunch bowl was really good, made with kale, quinoa, veggies, and chickpeas along with a tahini dressing that I want to find a recipe for. 

Wednesday: Golden Tumeric Coconut Cashew Milk 

Mackenzie Laverick

On Wednesday I tried out the golden tumeric cashew milk. I’m already a fan of golden milk or tumeric lattes, and this drink had the added bonus of being vegan. I only had one serving (the bottle is 2) and may try to make a latte with what I have left. 

Thursday: Digestif With Probiotics 

Mackenzie Laverick

Thursday I wanted something lighter so I tried out another one of the juices, this time apple, cabbage, lemon, ginger, and probiotics. I’m not sure where the cabbage came in, but the drink tastes like heightened apple juice with a nice kick of ginger and lemon to brighten things up. 

Friday: Cacao Mocha Cold Brew

Mackenzie Laverick

I needed some caffeine to get me through the last day of the school week, so I went for the cold brew coffee and this drink is probably my favorite one yet! I also tried on of URBAN REMEDY’s Cacao Plant Protein Bars for some extra chocolate. 

Saturday: Pomegranate Ginger

Saturday was pretty chill and I tried the pomegranate ginger juice with probiotics. I liked this drink better than the apple version as the pomegranate flavor is deeper and more robust.

Sunday: Chocolate Banana Shake   

Mackenzie Laverick

Sunday was grey, cloudy, and spent doing homework so this shake was a nice treat after a long study session. The shake was THICK and reminded me of your classic chocolate malt that you’d get in a Family Diner for dessert but this version is dairy free and a lot healthier. 

Overall, URBAN REMEDY has a wide variety of drinks for everyone. From coffees to shakes, juices to nut milks, and more there’s something for you.