If you know me, you know I am a BIG snacker.  I am constantly looking for something satisfying that I don't feel guilty about eating later.  I found Like Air Puffcorn and was super excited to try it out!  The Puffcorn is not just your average cup of popcorn.  It is available in three delicious flavors: Butter & Salt, Pancake, and American Cheddar.  Like Air Puffcorn is gluten-free, only 150 calories for 3 cups, all-natural, and has dairy-free options. 

As someone who loves the taste of popcorn, but can't stand hitting a kernel or shell, I was thrilled to find out that Like Air Puffcorn has our teeth in mind and has removed any hulls and kernels to make sure that each piece is like a puff of air!  


Lexi Minutillo

Let me just start by saying WOW.  I was super skeptical about this flavor at first.  I just could not comprehend how Like Air would blend the sweetness of the syrup and the saltiness of popcorn.  Well, I was so so wrong.  This flavor was by far my favorite of the three!  It was INSANELY good.  The Puffcorn was sweet enough that it satisfied my sweet tooth, but still maintained some of the traditional popcorn saltiness and flavor.  Pancake Puffcorn did not even last two days in my house; everyone LOVED it and immediately wanted me to buy more!  I will 100% be stocking my apartment with this next year.  I highly recommend getting yourself a bag ASAP.

Butter and Salt

Lexi Minutillo

I really liked this flavor.  This Puffcorn was the "traditional" popcorn taste that I was expecting.  It had just enough of the butter flavor without feeling like it was soaked in it.  I will definitely opt for the Butter & Salt flavor during my next movie night; it really was "like air" compared to regular popcorn!  Since I tried these, whenever I open my cupboard, I pour myself a bowl of Puffcorn instead of my traditional salty snack.  

American Cheese

Lexi Minutillo

This was my least favorite of the flavors.  It reminded me of Pirate Booty, but like an elevated, more adult version.  I thought it was good, but it was a little too cheesy for my taste.  I also was not a huge fan of the cheese flavoring being stuck on my hands.  However, my little brother tried this flavor and said he wanted another bag! Overall, the American Cheese Puffcorn is was good, but it didn't satisfy my snack preferences.

All in all, I was so glad that I got a chance to try Like Air Puffcorn.  The Puffcorn is available for purchase on Amazon, and I highly recommend trying it!  Be sure to check out their Instagram account where they do daily giveaway!