Cracking open a cold beer and enjoying a BBQ is a celebrated summer tradition. As is spending time relaxing by a pool. It's July, and that means we have already enjoyed, or suffered through, the first few weeks of summer

Being in the sun and in a swimming pool, or a beach if you’re lucky enough, can easily dry out even the deepest conditioned head of hair. The sun and the water makes hair brittle and dull, which can make trying out new summer hairstyles difficult.

Fortunately, there are DIY hair masks recipes designed to put the shine and moisture back in your hair. Even better, this mask’s key ingredient is a summertime favorite: beer.

Alex Frank

Berry Good Day For a Guinness

This simple hair mask from Bollywood Shaadiss only has two natural ingredients that can be found in most refrigerators.

1 cup of beer, preferably dark I used Guinness, and 5 strawberries. The mix should then be mashed together into a think paste.

The mask should be generously applied to hair and left for 20-25 minutes. Then, the mask should be rinsed out with a mild shampoo.

Alex Frank

This hair mask is easy to make and apply. It also leaves your hair smelling fresh from the strawberries. I noticed my hair was noticeably lighter and had a nice shine to it.

As an added bonus..the mask only requires about half of a beer leaving you with the other half to enjoy while your mask sits. For more food-based beauty hacks check out this Spoon University article