Ginger is one of the best creations ever made. It is a root with incredible health benefits and a unique flavor that doesn't go unnoticed. Nonetheless, it was hard for me to realize its effect on the body until I took a shot of ginger a day. 

Day 1

It sucked. The spiciness, the taste, overall it was just too much. I was not willing to take another one the next day, tbh I hated having it as the first “meal” of my day. 

Throughout the day, my stomach was going 100 km/h. I was slowly feeling how my gut was detoxifying itself and how all of the waste my body had was accumulating in order to get dumped. I felt uncomfortable the entire time. 

Day 15 

Okay, I understood why people kept telling me to have a shot of ginger in the morning. I felt way more energetic, less bloated and my muscles were less sore from working out. Though, I still had some movement in my stomach and sometimes felt like barfing after taking it, but it wasn't that bad.  

Day 30

I felt amazing and the taste was getting better! What? My skin was clearer, the energy it gave me in the morning was very high, my mood was incredible and the desire of having a snack every five seconds went away. 

 I started taking the shot with fruit; sometimes an apple, a pear, pineapples or some vegetables like carrot or celery. However, I put the vegetables in the shot when I'm feeling extra. 


Overall, I loved taking a shot of ginger every single day. I am happy with the outcome and totally recommend you to do it! At first it was a challenge, but it later on became a fun and healthy habit.

Your gut will thank you, your skin will also and most importantly your health! Forget about catching a cold during the winter, this remedy will prevent you from getting any kind of sickness anytime soon.