If you’re like me, you’re a Chobani yogurt freak. For the past four years of my life, I have shamelessly had a Blueberry Chobani yogurt for breakfast at least three times a week.

One day, I was in the grocery store skimming through the various Yoplaits, Siggi’s, Fage’s, etc., when I stumbled upon something I can’t seem to shake: a Chipotle Pineapple “flip” flavored Chobani. I was perplexed. While I’m always down for a funky new flavor, this just seemed disgusting. However, I tried it... and actually loved it! As a devoted Chobani fan, I was curious as to why these eccentric new flavors were coming about. So, I did some research.  

Basically, Chobani sales are in the slumps. While that sounds crazy—because it seems like Chobani is the classic example of a Greek yogurt that everyone loves and has had at least once —it's true. Therefore, in order to boost revenue, Chobani put out these exotic new flavors to attract a new audience.

Because I love Chobani so much, I tried all the weirdest flavors I could find so that you don't have to. Below are the five most eccentric, weird, flavors that I recommend everyone should try.

5. Caramel Apple Chobani 

This yogurt tastes like Fall in a cup. The taste of this makes me want to go on a hayride, sit next to a scarecrow, and double fist this yogurt and a pumpkin spice latte.

4. Mango Cone Crisp

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Mia Catillo

This yogurt reminds of the sherbert they serve at fancy resturaunts to cleanse your palette. It's soft, light, but does the job in filling you up.

3. Chipotle Pineapple 

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Just picture yourself on a Hawaiian island at a pig roast, wearing a hula skirt and sipping out of a coconut. That thought alone is all you need to transcend you to another universe of sun and sand.

2. Honey, That's Nuts!

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Alex Frank

If you're a fan of all the pistachios, almonds, peanuts, and cashews in the world, please be my guest in trying this yogurt. Personally, I thought this was disgusting because I hate every type of nut listed above, but if you love them, by all means try it.

1. Passion Fruit Chobani 

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Alex Frank

If you've ever actually had a passionfruit before, let me know. I've never actually had one, but, the chobani flavored yogurt is beautiful. It tastes like a pineapple and a mango mated and had a beautiful, tropical child. I love it.

If you're a steady Strawberry Banana Chobani eater, I get it, they're delish—but it's time for a change. My takeaway from this is I now indulge in a Caramel Apple Chobani whenever the opportunity presents itself and I am not sorry about it. 

Take a chance on one of these Chobani flavors next time because you will not regret it.