I am 20 years old and recently encountered one of the worst things I thought could ever happen to me: I found out that am lactose-intolerant. For the past 20 years of my life, from literal birth, I have consumed milk by the gallons of every possible form: cereal, ice cream, cheese, cream cheese, yogurt, anything. At one point in college all I ate was cereal for all three meals. Now, however, the time has come for me to branch out and find other options and I have chosen the path of coconut milk.

My journey will go from yogurt and ice cream to creamer in coffee to see if you can actually tell the difference.


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Sam Jesner

I've tried almost every yogurt available on the shelves of my local grocery store from Greek to Scandinavian; everything except for the dairy-free ones. Yogurt is one of my go-to's for breakfast and a healthy daytime snack that sometimes I pimp out with fruit and granola like this Spoonie did, so I was a little unsure about the switch to a coconut-based one. The brand I tried was "SO Delicious" and I got the peach, strawberry, and raspberry flavor. The first one I tried was peach and it was delicious. Definitely one of the best yogurts I've ever had and I didn't taste any coconut. 10/10 recommend.

Coffee Creamer

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Alex Frank

I was really curious about this one because what college student doesn't live off of coffee (or tea, not hating. Tea can have as much caffeine as coffee). There were a few brands I could have chosen but I went with "SO Delicious" again because I loved their yogurt so much, and I got their french vanilla flavor (and they did have an unsweetened kind).

When I took that first sip of my coffee, with just creamer no sugar, I was blown away. I couldn't taste any of the coconut but I did get the sweet vanilla flavor coming through. It was so good I decided not to add any sugar which is an absolute first for me. I tend to have coffee with my sugar instead of sugar with my coffee.

Ice Cream

I tried two different brands and flavors when I got ice cream. I got "SO Delicious" cookie dough flavor and "Halo Top" peanut butter cup. In the "SO Delicious" pint I could really taste the coconut and not so much the cookie dough. I preferred the "Halo Top" more because I couldn't taste any coconut and I preferred the flavor more.


Overall my experience with coconut milk was great. In almost everything I ate it with except the ice cream I really enjoyed it. Not to mention coconut milk has numerous health benefits like improving heart health, providing electrolytes, and helping digestion.

Coconut milk, though, is a delicious alternative if you're lactose intolerant or have a soy allergy. Just remember the next time you go on a grocery run and have a second to scan your options, don't kick coconut milk to the side.