So, you may be asking is this even legal? Yes. In my home state of Florida, anyone the age of 18 or older can become a bartender and legally serve alcoholic drinks. Cool, right? However, the national law that you must be 21+ to be served alcohol still remains true. So while the average 18-year-old was excited about voting and buying spray paint, I was studying college courses and taking bartending classes. This may sound fun, and maybe even strange, but nevertheless worth it.

Pro #1: The Party Tricks

You know those awkward ice breakers that you're always asked and never know how to respond to? The one where they ask what your secret talent is? Learning how to bartend has actually taught me a lot of party tricks. Especially when surrounded by upperclassmen, it comes in handy. To be honest, I don't know how to juggle bottles per se, but "throwing" is one of my favorites I can do.

Con #1: It's Sorta a Math Class

Don't get me wrong, it's exciting. But realistically, it's a craft that you have to study. There are ratios, different densities, and necessary temperature levels. Bartending is basically applying every basic school subject to create a cool, and often colorful, product. So next time you order a drink, appreciate the bartender who is essentially the "Macgyver" of the night of events.

Pro #2: Developing Social Skills

If you're socially awkward, becoming a bartender could bring you out of your shell. Customers rely on your expertise throughout the night. Therefore, you have to learn everything from the person's ideal drink to their tolerance level. It's a responsibility, to say the least. And your tips rely on your customer's satisfaction. Speaking of tips...

Con #2: Tips Are the Money Maker

A bartending job does not mean you will make a lot. In reality, it is only through skill that you will notice a larger cash flow. Tips, much like in any other service career, are the profitable element of the job. But even then, tips must be truly earned. No laziness or rude behavior. One benefit is with experience, you can join bartending competitions and elaborate bars that will pay for your talent. It just takes a bit of patience.

Pro and/or Con #3: The Hours

The hours working as a bartender varies. Sometimes, by week or even days. For some, like myself, the hours can be a bit much and cannot handle it. For others, it is the perfect opportunity. I'm talking about the night owls—the individuals who can stay up until 6 am and wake up at 9 am.

Although I'm not currently bartending, I don't regret getting my certification. It was something fun and new. I also got my barista certification through it, so who knows? Life is about adventure and discovery. So, what will you discover about yourself today?