Two weeks ago, I got sick. It was the typical stomach-virus-going-around-school situation, but this time was a little different. I was in a lot of pain and was having a lot of trouble eating (a first for me) and I didn't have my mom and her chicken soup there to pull me through. But, surprise, I survived! 

So yes, I am alive today and ready to dish out the foods that got me through being sick and away from my family. Disclaimer: I did end up going home after four days of roughing it, but not all of us have the luxury of living reasonably close to school. So, I'm qualified in this topic...I swear

What to Eat: 

1. Jell-O: Jell-O was just about the only thing I could eat when I was sick. Let's face it, you have zero appetite when you're sick and Jell-O is like eating sugary air. Enjoy it. 

2. Bananas: They're mushy and can kind of seem gross, especially during a time when food is repulsive to you — a tragedy, I know — but when you're sick, you have to replenish your potassium, which you lose from puking, sorry for the visual. Eat up. 

3. Broth: It can be so hard, especially with stomach issues, to keep down anything solid, so eating broth as more substantial meals is a good solution because it's nutritious and, hey, at least you're eating something.

soup, cream, tea, broth
Judy Holtz

What to Drink: 

1. Ginger Ale: Anything carbonated is going to help settle your stomach, plus the ginger can help reduce a fever if you've got one. 

2. Hot Tea: Make sure the tea you're drinking isn't caffeinated because the last thing you need is to be kept up late at night when you're sick. Hot tea is super soothing and will help you keep calm. *sips tea*

3. Gatorade: Gatorade is going to help you replenish your electrolytes if you're vomiting or not eating much. Honestly, anything food or drink wise you keep down during this time is miraculous.

hot chocolate, chocolate, cream, cappuccino, tea, milk, espresso, coffee
Julie Lau

What to Do: 

1. Take it easy: If you have to cancel things, cancel them. I know you want to show up for your commitments, but you're helping no one if you feel awful doing your daily things. It's okay to not be 100% on all the time and you have to know that. 

2. Call your family as often as you need: It can feel so lonely to be going through something at school by yourself, so call your family to just tell them you're feeling crappy and miss them. They'll appreciate it and you'll feel a whole lot better, too.

3. Distract yourself: I got super freaked out when I was sick at school because I couldn't eat and it seemed like I was never going to get better. Even if you're in bed all day, watch your favorite movies and get plenty of sleep. Don't let yourself just think about being sick and how badly you feel.

All in all, just remind yourself that you will get through it and if you can get yourself through an illness on your own, you are officially #adulting. It's a momentous occasion, guys. 

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