There is a huge hype when it comes to turning 18. YASSSS adulthood: cigarettes, voting, lottery tickets. But if you're anything like me, it is just added pressure to do something spectacular. Sure, I'm a college student — I should go live it up. However, my birthday happens to be in September, so that means only a week or two of classes and multiple mental breakdowns.

So, when I turned 18 in college I knew deep down I wanted to find some comfort in my new surrounding. So I did the only way I knew how: with food.

Some Background on Me

I come from an Indian family who is obsessed with food. My mom is one of the greatest cooks I know. She has cooked almost every cuisine, raising two very happy and full kids. But hands-down the best food she makes is Indian (figures, I know). 

Call it luck or chance, but I found my little utopia in Bloomington—Taste of India, a restaurant with good service and better food. My friends and I all had very different experiences with Indian food. Ranging from never trying curry to me, who grew up eating it everyday. Since each of us had a different experience with ethnic food, it made the meal all the more enjoyable.

What We Ordered

Paneer Makhani: homemade cheese curds accompanied by a rich tomato cream sauce.

Chana Masala: a chickpea dish full of various spices, tomatoes, and cilantro

Naan: oven-baked, warm, pita-like bread.

Mango Lassi: basically a mango smoothie to mellow out the spices

Rice: self-explanatory—white rice laced with butter & cumin

If that doesn't sound delicious to you, I dare you to try it. What makes makes Indian food so good is that it is warm, filling and delicious. It is the type of meal that feels homey and is extremely satisfying. In addition, it's a sensual experience that your tastebuds will thank you for. 

What I Learned

No matter who or where you are, you have to find things that will comfort you, whether that be a teddy bear, a FaceTime call with your best friend, or a steaming bowl of mac cheese. Personally, I have found that when it comes down to it, food will always be there for you, in times of celebration and sorrow.

So take advantage of the comfort of food, whether that be through the various restaurants in a new town or city, or making something in a your kitchen. Food is not only good for the body, but also for the soul.